TBC Classic Tier List of DPS

TBC Classic Classifications of DPS - Classic WOW Tier Lists of DPS & Rankings


What is the best DPS in TBC Classic? This TBC Classic DPS tier list we'll look at the best DPS classes and different individual specifications for each class. But, we're not going to talk about every single specter, because a lot of specs you don't observe in a competitive environment this much and are more of a PVP specifications. There's always room to play with these tiers based on the obviously personal opinions of each player and on the level of skill of the player.


TBC Classic Tier List of DPS - Best DPS Classes and Specs in WOW Classic TBC


Thanks to MetaGoblin thanks to MetaGoblin, we now have the most accurate Classic TBC DPS Spec rankings and will go over the strengths and potential weaknesses of each DPS specs. In order to increase your DPS for any class in TBC Classic, the first step you should take is increase your speed. One of the main differences between average players and players that you always see topping the damage charts isn't that one individual is better at how to rotate better than another. It's the fact that the most skilled players move and position their characters in a manner that maximizes their up time and the frequency at which they are in a position to perform their rotation. A few seconds of not fighting one's boss could make the difference in many hundreds DPS.


"S Tier on TBC Classic DPS Rankings




Warlock is a powerful class that has a position in the tier S. It is the highest DPS class on single-target bosses and aoe scenarios across TBC and arguably the best DPS class in WOW TBC. There are a lot of players who will be playing warlock , and many will be stacking warlocks on raids due to them being amazing and powerful. We don't even need that much equipment to become incredibly powerful. All they need is to reach at least within the spell hit cap. throw them in a group with an elemental shaman , and they completely pump.




Hunter is without doubt the best DPS class within WOW Classic. It is really the absolute best when it comes to DPS for TBC.


A Tier On TBC WOW DPS Tier List


Fire Mage


Fire mage is a good position in the tier of the majority of TBC. So most people tend to spec into five specs when they've got plenty of crit gear in order that they can set those ignite procs off very often and make really great damage. But until then it's common for mages to get in arcane and frospec whenever TBC is just launching. Most players are going to be launching into TBC with tier 3 gear which means they will be able to take advantage of a high hit chance and crit chance. So we probably won't have frost or arcane extensively. However arcane becomes really solid as a class in tier 5 when you get a particular set bonus that enhances the damage from arcane blast. Overall mage is in the tier of WOW Classic TBC DPS class tier list.




The warrior moves through the tiers depending on what phase of the game you are playing, the patch you're playing, and the type of content you're clearing. Since when they begin to get better and better gear, they start to pump more and more damage. Therefore, in the beginning of the expansion phase you can be sure they'll start in tier c , and it is just pure scaling that's the reason. In the hands of a good player, you can see warriors rise to the top of the meters, even in the 4th tier. In the fifth tier, they begin getting higher into tier b. As you begin to engage in a fight for the mine hydro black temple, that's when they increase their pumping to tier A. They just pump up each levels when each new patch is released and, obviously this is especially true when a player gets the war gloves.




Rogue is combat spec. They begin at tier c but as their expansion continues to progress it is just a matter of bumping up the tiers until they're eventually at tier a by the time that tier 6 starts to rise. There are specs out there that are able to be played as the rogue in PvE-based environment, they're more tailored to be used in PVP. Don't need to talk about these specs much since they're just a step over the combat spec. You can play mutilate spec and there's a subtlety spec that can be played, just an easy way to describe it. They're just tears behind the combat the spec.


Elemental Shaman


The Elemental Shaman is in a snug spot in tier a. In fact, it's possible to say that they're more than tiers when you're at tier 4 and a little slightly at tier 5. Since the unlucky story of the elemental shaman is that they don't scale well. However, they can do a lot of damage. Therefore, in the initial tier, it'd probably be highest tier DPS class in TBC honestly. In particular, when you consider their support. They do fall down an echelon in the latter phases of the expansion.


Feral Druid


Feral druid has a very well-suited position in the tier. Due to some reason, wild Druids do a lot of damages within TBC and we also provide immense map support for the raid, meaning they're a really strong class to bring. They are able to quickly and easily swap between tanks and DPS of an extremely useful to a raid. If we're discussing the pure TBC Classic DPS tier list They are actually an tier class.


B Tier On Classic DPS Rankings


Affliction The Spec


Affliction is more of a supporting class and is mostly a tank-support class. They are efficient in raids. However, they're not exactly god-tier in terms of DPS particularly when you compare them to the mage or destruction warlock. If they're in the hands of the right person, an affliction may increase and can be a snoopy spot at tier A. You must however be competent and know precisely what you're doing to move up to tier.


Retribution Paladin


Ret paladin has a very comfortable place in the tier B. They are a god character during Wrath of the Lich King. However, it's still like the Affliction class was a strong support class. Your primary role as an retribution paladin in the top meter. It's to help support the raid by using everything you can bring to a raid. Your spot is more than justified despite the fact you're performing a little less DPS than the other DPS.


Survival Hunter


The survival hunter class is considered a supporting class and it belongs to tier B with those other supporting DPS. Although again in the right direction, the survival hunters could actually do some really serious damage. Similar to marksman It's only a few tiers further behind. It's not common to see marksman hunters that often. It's all about beast mastery hunters as well as occasionally, a rare survival hunter.


Shadow Priest


Shadow priest is a great position in tier B, again not the absolute most effective DPS for the WOW Classic Burning Crusade. However, they provide an immense amount of assistance to the entire raid, and are great demand despite being more than a class for tabs in terms of DPS. Every raid should have at minimum two shadow priests simply because they're such a valuable resource benefiting all the other DPS and healers as well as tankers a more. Shadow priests will DPS warriors and rogues during the tiers of 4 and 5 but towards the end of tier 5 and tier 6 the warriors and rogues become dominant. They're therefore a higher tier and that's why we have to put shadow priests on the lower tier. This is primarily about DPS not support personnel.


Enhancement Spec

In the case of the enhancement specification, it's similar to all the other support classes. They're not the top DPS around, which is why they're ranked of.


Balance Druid

The balance druid falls more into tier b, however it can also cross into tier A again when you are the right player and when you've got top equipment.


C Tier On Classic WOW Wow Best DPS

There are a lot of specializations available, such as demonology as well as warlock, smite Priest marksman hunter meteorite rogue. However, they're likely to all fall into tier c on this TBC Classic DPS rankings. If they're under the control of the right person who is sure? They could end up being the top of the line class.