Lay new turf in your landscape.

NewLawn Turf is a premier Northern NSW turf supplier. With a state of the art turf farm backed up by 25 years turf growing experience, we can provide the right advice, backup service and quality turf to make your lawn a long term success.


Lay new turf in your landscape.

Whether it is a residence, an office, a public place, or any commercial location, a lawn is something that adds beauty to your landscape. Different types of grass are used to serve as the turf of the lawn. Everyone has different types of landscaping needs, so it would be better to look into the type of turf.

Lawn turf is an earth layer with dense grass growth and matted roots. Turf does not come in sections and it is just a surface layer. Lawn turf bunnings is a type of grass used in the landscape and is customarily referred to as a lawn, while grass used on a baseball field or golf course is referred to as turf. The reason turf is used for outdoor play and sporting events is that it can maintain its appearance better than natural grass. Turf can also protect players from injury, and it’s easier to play on even when it’s wet outside.

There are various reasons why you might decide toLaying new turf in your landscape; last year's weather might have been unkind and left the lawn looking like just a pale shadow of its former self. It is highly recommended to lay the turf during autumn or at the beginning of the spring season when the amount of rain is significantly higher. For laying new turf, you can get connected with New turf care.

New Lawn Turf is an accredited turf supplier for Lawn Solutions Australia. We do lawn installation for commercial and domestic clients. We use specialised machinery. The turf is cut into small pieces and planted directly into the soil where it will grow and spread across the surface, creating a turf finish after the grow-in period.

It is available for purchase from New Lawn Turf for sale central coast. You have two common choices: meadow turf and commercially grown turf. Meadow turf is simply taken from grassland, which means that it can have absolutely any number of grass species in its composition. These two features make meadow turf the most popular choice for those who want to buy cheap turf online.

New Lawn Turf is one of the best family-owned and operated businesses, established in 1992. New lawn turf has grown from humble beginnings with a farm located in Armidale, NSW, to operating a state-of-the-art turf growing facility at Manilla in Tamworth.

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