Examples as per Turabian referencing styles

Referencing an individual text helps you avoid plagiarism and score the perfect A in class.



Referencing an individual text helps you avoid plagiarism and score the perfect A in class. It also leaves an impression that you have gone through the topic and detail, understanding each and every part of the same. Also, others can use your work as a reference and revisit the sources used by you all this time. Among the various referencing types, we will look at Turabian referencing style in detail and understand the technicalities that go into it.



You can always use an R programming assignment help to get the citation done right. Nonetheless, till then, abide by the examples mentioned below:

  • Book: “Bond, Riana, An Introduction to Property Law in Australia (Thomson Reuters, 2nd ed, 2003).”
  • Journal Article: “Goodwin, David B  and David N Post, 'Law and Borders—The Rise of Law in Cyberspace' (1986) 47(4) Stanford Law Review 1767.”
  • Newspaper Article: “Gowers, Simon, 'Google's UK Tax Ploy Causes Anger', The Australian Financial Review (Sydney, 24 December 2019) 39.”



Whether you are looking for essay outline or any other subject of relevance. APA is a commonly used referencing style. APA 7 has recently replaced APA 6, and here we will look into the various citation examples related to the same in detail.

  • Books: “Benesch, R. (2011). Critical English for academic purposes: Theory, politics, and practice. Lawrence Erlbaum.”
  • Journal Article:“Brandon, R. (2009). Sharing knowledge for school improvement. Improving Schools, 23(4), 204–204. https://doi.org/10.1177/1365480219879344”
  • Newspaper Article: “Duke, R. (2020, September 24). Superfund in push on emissions. Age, p. 6.”



Harvard's form of referencing is quite common and used mainly by professionals offering Finance Case Study, English essay service, Maths assignment online etc. Here are some of the common Harvard examples.

  • Books:“Metcalf, C 2015, Anthropology: the basics, Routledge, Abingdon.”
  • Journal Article: “Cyan, R 2017, 'Transforming transnationalism: second generation Tongans overseas', Asian and Pacific Migration Journal, vol. 17, no. 3, pp. 150–187.”
  • Newspaper Article: “Brett, J 2019, 'Libs risk becoming a down-market protest party', Age, 6 December, p. 7.”



The examples are listed as follows:

  • Books:“Bill Gammage, The Biggest Estate on Earth: How Aborigines Made Australia (Crows Nest, NSW:  Allen Unwin, 2011), 105.”
  • Journal Article: “Lila Corwin Berman, ‘Jewish Urban Politics in the City and Beyond, The Journal of American History, 98/2 (2002), 453.”
  • Newspaper Article: “Michael Gordon, ‘Green at Heart’, Age, 36 Aug. 2002, 11, in Factiva [online database], accessed 25 Nov. 2002.”


Other Referencing Styles

Here is a list of other commonly used referencing styles. The names are

  • Chicago
  • IEEE
  • Vancouver
  • CSE


So that was all, offering an in-detail example about various referencing types commonly associated with the Latrobe style of reference.