Why can’t I access my AOL Mail Inbox on iPhone?

AOL Mail (stylized as Aol Mail.) is a free web-based email service provided by AOL, a division of Yahoo.


In the recent past, several AOL users complained that they are unable to log in to their accounts nor access their AOL Mail Inbox. Unfortunately, this is one of the most common scenarios that users come across.

However, if you are able to fix the issue, then there is nothing better than that.

In view of that, I have listed down some of the most obvious reasons why you are facing this issue. Moreover, we shall also have a look at some effective ways to get your AOL Mail Inbox working again.

Knowing the reason behind a particular issue prior to finding out the solution, helps fix the issue instantly. So, here we go.

Reasons behind the inability to access AOL Mail Inbox

In case you are able to access your AOL mail account on a device other than your iPhone, then there is an issue with your iPhone itself. Apart from this, the causes can be one of the listed below:

  1. Outdated app

If you are using an outdated version of the AOL application on your iPhone, then you will unquestionably come across this situation.

  1. Changed login password

If you have recently changed your AOL password and still using the older one to access your account, then you will surely face the issue.

  1. Somebody has hacked your account

In case somebody has hacked your account, then also you won’t be able to access your AOL Mail Inbox. In this scenario, you should immediately change your password.

  1. Poor internet connection

If your iPhone is receiving poor internet connectivity, then also you will not be able to access your AOL inbox on it.

Now, that we know some most obvious reasons behind the issue, it is time now to learn how to fix this issue as fast as possible.

Try these fixes

  1. Update your app

Updating your AOL app on iPhone is one of the best things you can try to fix any issue related to using your AOL Mail.

  1. Remove and re-add your account

In case you are unable to access your AOL inbox, then you may try to remove and add your AOL account to it once again by going to the Mail settings of the app.

  1. Reset your password

Reset your password and try to access your AOL account once again. Hopefully, you’ll be able to log in by now.

If you are still not able to access your AOL inbox on iPhone, then you should try checking and customizing the server settings or provide a high-speed internet connection to it.


From a similar connection, you can sign in to the email account. You need to utilize AOL email address and secret key for sign in to the site. You can sign in to the email site with Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Yahoo Email. AOL email gives every client 25 MB space for login to the record. In this way, the entirety of the clients will appreciate the entirety of the offices from account. You should adore the email administration of AOL.