How to Prioritize & Be More Productive

Today I want to share some time management tips for you guys because I know it is back to school season and a lot of you are going back to school or you might just be working as usual and you want some time management tips, which is totally fine because we all need to work on that sometime


I like to have them there just so I can see. And then there's also a space for self care because it's also really important for me to keep up with my daily habits. And then at the end of the day there's space for gratitude and celebrating the day's wins. So this is what I use almost every single day to plan out my workday. I literally leave my planner open on my desk at all times and if there's ever a time where I have to leave and go out and do some stuff, like run some errands or do some meetings, I will take a picture of the page so that I can see my to do list from the daily plan, because for me I really need to break things down as much as possible. Even though I have my priorities, my big goals and even my weekly schedule, it really helps for me to put it into one sheet of paper just to look at every single day. And I think I also just get that satisfaction of crossing something out on a piece of paper because I'm kind of old school, I still like pen and paper.

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So since it is back to school season I thought it'd be fun to do a little giveaway with a Daily Planner. Since I know a lot of you will need to start planning your days more meticulously. So if you're interested in winning a Daily Planner, we will have three winners and we're going to run this on IG. It's just gonna stay like this, the same color, the same design. The one that gets updated every year is the Artist of Life Workbook and we already have the 2020 version completed. I'm just waiting to launch it on November 1st. So if you're interested in that, just mark your calendars for November 1st. Get on our email list because we always send a presale to our email list first. So I'll have links to all of that down below. But I think that's it for today's time management tips. What other tips do you have for us? Because I'm always interested in learning new tips and even though I've learned “put first things first”, “do the most important tasks first”, once I learned about this quadrant concept, that really like expanded my mind a little more and it just made so much more sense to me, like working on things that are important and not necessarily urgent. Another thing you could check out if you want to hear more about attention management is my podcast with Jonathan LevI. He is an accelerated learner, so he gave a lot of tips on how to learn fast, which is helpful for school and also attention management.

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