Experienced La Habra Child Custody Attorney

The focus of any child custody and visitation action should be on what is best for the children, not on which parent has more money or who is willing to make up stories or accusations to win at all costs.

Are you looking for a child custody attorney in La Habra to win custodianship of your child? Do you need a seasoned family lawyer to sort out your family dispute or divorce matters?

Family issues can be overwhelming even for the best of us. It takes a massive emotional toll on all the parties involved, and any dispute for the physical and legal custody of children makes it more complicated.

During this difficult time, it's best to hire an experienced child custody attorney to ensure that your and your child's best interests are served in the courtroom.

Standing by you during these difficult times, Mr. Eric M Nakasu can assist you with legal advice and representation. With the backing of an immense experience of over 31 years, Mr. Eric is there to help you to the best of his abilities and as per the circumstances.

Practice Areas
Eric M Nakasu specializes in all areas of family law. He can help you with complex cases on issues like:

Separating from a spouse can take a huge emotional toll. Eric can ensure that your best interests are protected throughout the litigation or negotiation phase.

Child Custodianship
Child custody matters can complicate any divorce proceeding. Get a fair custody arrangement while prioritizing the well-being of the child with the best La Habra child custody attorney.

Asset Division
Asset division is another complicated area in family disputes. Eric takes inventory of all your family assets, including real estate, investments, etc., to create a fair and equitable division that rightfully serves both parties.

Other practice areas by Eric include:

● Child Support
● Domestic Violence
● Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements
● Modification of orders
● Paternity
● Legal Separation

Trust in an Expert La Habra Child Custody Attorney
Eric can take the emotional stress away from you and your children during any family dispute. Trust him with all the legal nuances, whether in the courtroom or at the negotiating table.

Contact us today at 7149169800 for speedy legal assistance on all family disputes and for protecting your child's best interests.