Blogs and Book Publicity: Working Together

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When researching how to market a book in today's environment, including high-quality blogs in your plan is a must. Each year, the number of blogs and their readership increases. It's part of a trend away from traditional media and toward online resources. Writers and journalists whose work years ago might have only been found in a newspaper today can be bloggers. Reaching one's audience directly is appealing for many writers, and blogs, like podcasts, have fewer content restrictions than their traditionally published forebearers. It's a boon to book promoters because the media possibilities are increased.

As blogs have stepped up their quality, the bar has been raised to earn coverage in them. Today it's as common for bloggers to receive professional pitches as those working in traditional media. If you already have a relationship with a blogger when you publish a book, you might be able to leverage it for an article or mention. But if you don't, you may need to work with a publicist who has established relationships and knows how to present you as newsworthy. Blogs also tend to blend opinion with information, and if a blogger likes your book, it's not unusual for them to give it a strong endorsement.

Some bloggers are book reviewers in the classic sense, and having them review your work can be beneficial. Because media today is more segmented than ever, you'll likely want to seek coverage in a list of blogs to reach your target readers. This part is a bit different than the old days of media when each outlet tended to have a larger audience or readership. The niche nature of many blogs makes them naturally powerful book promoters because if the audience is interested in your topic, they can be an easier sell. Always present helpful information, and don't push your book too hard.

Every effective book marketing campaign begins with a plan that includes bloggers. You want to reach people with the optimal message about your work to spark their interest. If your book has more than a single target audience, as many today do, you'll want distinct pitches by segment. The bloggers you (or your publicist) approach will fall along the lines of your target readers. If you write a single general pitch, it's easier to be overlooked. When you target bloggers and readers with compelling information, you're more likely to receive the favorable mentions and coverage your book deserves.