Congealed jade lotus flower

At that time, the behavior of dementia was not a disgrace to the Sun family? Muttered to himself: "


Shen Ruoyao was kissed, her lips could not breathe, she could only move her nostrils to cope with the rapid panting, suddenly stuffy "hum", her whole body tightened, her hands and legs were wrapped around him, she had been broken through the barrier, and was completely rooted by the powerful enemy! Then she encountered greater aggression, stronger impact. Such a savage and crazy impact seemed to immediately arouse the girl's strong resistance and screams. But strangely, this Shen Ruoyao did not scream, nor did she resist. She only symbolically twisted the evader and made a vague sound from her nostrils. But her wriggle, instead of escaping, attracted the invasion of the enemy, and the vague groan was more like a strong invitation. So he whispered in her ear: "Now pay attention to listen to me say" Ning Yu Gong "mental method, with my movements..." Chapter 17 true and false son-in-law. After more than ten happy days in a row.. The two wives took turns to accompany him to practice "Ningyu Gong" diligently. The two wives also love each other, sweetly accompanying the lover to visit the "Tianxiang Castle" inside and outside. It turned out that this "Tianxiang Fort" was in a deep valley in the east of the Altai Mountains. Perhaps because of the relationship between the earth and the atmosphere, the mountains on all sides are covered with white snow, but the cold wind in the valley is not cold, it is like spring all the year round. Melting snow into a clear stream, slowly flowing through, the valley is shaded by green trees,disc air diffuser, flowers and grass, appealing to strangers vertically and horizontally, fruit trees are shaded, straight like a paradise.. They wandered along the banks of flowers and streams, sitting and lying, hugging left and right, enjoying themselves endlessly. For Sun Jingzhi, a spoiled "son-in-law" and even the master of the future "Tianxiang Castle",lamella tube, there were more than four hundred masters and servants in the whole castle, all of whom were respectful and respectful to him, which made Sun Jingzhi, who had always been free and uninhibited, somewhat unhappy.. He always looked for opportunities to avoid the crowd, sitting alone at the top of the castle, looking at the far side of the mountain alone. White clouds Haohao, Cang poor boundless, imitating a hemp on the back of the left neck, unconsciously fell asleep. * * * When he woke up again, he found himself in a spacious and luxurious room. The white and soft bedding and the fur quilt covering the body emit an intoxicating fragrance from time to time. The furnishings on the four walls were colorful, and there was no doubt that it was a girl's bedroom, but it was definitely not Shen Ruoyao's or Shen Yun's bedroom. But he didn't understand whose woman's boudoir it was? I don't know how I got here? He was trying his best to guess when he giggled outside the Xiangxiu curtain and walked into a lovely girl. Is that her? Zhao Yingzhu? Sun Jingzhi understood that he was captured by Zhao Yingzhu. He is very unhappy, who is happy to be captured by others for no reason? Sun Jingzhi's face was tense, Mechanical fine screen ,disc air diffuser, and no matter how Zhao Yingzhu smiled at himself in a friendly way, he decided in his heart that it was a hypocritical smile. Zhao Yingzhu walked to the couch with a smile on her face. "Elder brother, are you angry with me?" She asked. Sun Jingzhi gave a heavy "hum". "If you're angry with me, you're wrong," said Zhao Yingzhu. Sun Jingzhi turned his head and thought to himself, "You brought me here in a mean way. Shouldn't you be angry with you?"? If you were a man, I'm afraid you would not only be angry, but also give you a good beating! Zhao Yingzhu said, "You came here in the middle of the night last night, and your face grew with cold. I kindly gave you the room. Is this kindness wrong?" Sun Jingzhi blurted out, "I didn't come here by myself!" That means that your good intentions are in vain. You brought me here without my consent. No matter how good you are to me, you don't appreciate it. "Do you think I caught you?" Asked Zhao Yingzhu. After a slight pause, he waved his head and sighed, "You're wrong to think so!" "You didn't bring me here," said Sun Jingzhi breathlessly. "Could it be that I could come down from my sleeping hole and walk by myself?"? If so, is it not a strange thing in the world? "Yes," said Zhao Yingzhu, "although you have come here unconsciously, I can't be blamed for bringing you here. I didn't know you would come here beforehand." "It's not you," said Sun Jingzhi. "Who is it?" "Yes," said Zhao Yingzhu. It's my mother! Sun Jingzhi still just "hum". Zhao Yingzhu was a woman who thought highly of herself. "Do you think I'm lying to you?" She asked with displeasure. "Yes," said Sun Jingzhi coldly, "even if your mother had taken me here, who would have believed it if you didn't know?" Zhao Yingzhu was so angry that she turned around and walked away. On second thought, Sun Jingzhi said in a loud voice, "Well, even if you don't know, could you do me a favor and untie my acupoint?" Zhao Yingzhu stopped at the side of the door and did not turn around. "Your Excellency," he said, "I dare not untie this acupuncture point without my mother's permission." Then he walked out of the door and ignored him. Sun Jingzhi was in a great hurry and shouted, "Good sister, please come back. Please come back. Zhao Yingzhu no longer pays attention to him. There is no response.." After a while, Zhao Yingzhu still didn't turn around. Sun Jingzhi sighed anxiously and thought to himself, "I can't move because of the acupuncture point. If I don't drink after a while, I'm afraid the poison will make a mistake again!" His heart was chilled by the wine, and he did not know that the death of the party was all right, but he woke up three days later and became an idiot. At that time, the behavior of dementia was not a disgrace to the Sun family? Muttered to himself: "Bad, bad …" I shouldn't have offended her. What should I do? What shall we do? Is anxious to panic, accidentally look, Zhao Yingzhu is not standing quietly by the door? Sun Jingzhi was overjoyed. "Good sister," he said with a smile, "I don't want you to help me out. Could you ask your servant to feed me some wine?" Zhao Yingzhu said coldly, "My mother quit drinking. It's not so convenient to drink." "I have my own wine," said Sun Jingzhi hurriedly. "Please ask the young lady to pull out a servant." "Where is the wine?" Asked Zhao Yingzhu. Sun Jingzhi looked at the gown that had been taken off beside the bed and said with a smile, "It's in that gown!" Zhao Yingzhu took out the flagon and sat beside the bed. "I can't!" Sun Jingzhi exclaimed. "Why not?" Asked Zhao Yingzhu with a smile. "I dare not have the body of Miss Lao's daughter," said Sun Jingzhi. Zhao Yingzhu shook her head and said with a smile,fine bubble diffuser, "You are arrogant and afraid of people, but you are polite like a girl. I ask you, where is your arrogance just now?" 。