I have dared to think of you.

hong Weining that pervert to his monitoring, want to help friends but let him down. Eve


Early in the evening, her eyes widened, including several of her teammates, and her face was full of disbelief. She was so angry that she wanted to go on stage to argue. Jiang Shanchuan shouted dirty words on the spot under the stage: "It's ***ing dirty." The judges in the venue looked different and gathered together to discuss. Randomly display the next work. Zhong Jing sat under the stage, his long legs still maintained an overlapping posture, his expression was very light, and his bottomless eyes could not see any emotion. Chuan, I'm sorry. That's all he said. Jiang Shanchuan is stupefied, although do not understand why he says so, still waved a hand. The entries were quickly completed, and the results were scored by the judges on the spot. When the host announced that Song Chengdong had won the first place, Yao Yao was so angry that she stood up and wanted to rush up. In the light of the calcium carbide fire, I remembered the public computer class in the first night, and thought about the question Song Chengdong asked him. "It's my fault," she said with trembling tears rolling in her eyes on the first night. "I'm going to find the judges now." Jiang Shanchuan called her: "Don't be impulsive. What's the use of going up now? It's only a joke to go up without evidence." The tears of the first night hit her, and her mind was in a mess. She suddenly remembered the time she had been alone with Zhong Jing before. Because he was close to participating in the competition, he was not at ease at the beginning of the evening and checked his works many times. Found that there was a bug in the three-dimensional interface of the forest,heavy duty cantilever racks, and then Zhong Jing covered the bug with a lovely dustbin. It can be said that this loophole can prove that Song Chengdong copied their works. All right, let's welcome the winners to the stage in turn. The host's sweet voice sounded. On the first night, he stood up again and wanted to rush up. Zhong Jingji shouted, "On the first night!" That loophole, I can. Go up An incomparable explanation at the beginning of the evening. Waste of time. Zhong Jing looked at her coldly, with a look of strangeness that he had never seen before. The author has something to say: Brother Jing: Either you kiss up or I kiss down. The first night: I don't choose. Zhong Jing grabbed her running ankle with his backhand. Two thousand words are omitted here. Weibo @ Qianying-I will ask for leave on the copywriter and Weibo if I have something to do in the future. It's usually eight o'clock. Welcome to Weibo to play with me,medium duty racking, and I will put welfare there in the future, you know. Chapter 37 The face of the first night turned pale for a moment, and Zhong Jing's attitude seemed to be that she was meddling. Zhong Jing put his hands in his pockets, walked past them with an expressionless face, and left alone. Yao Yao patted Chuwan on the shoulder and said, "What's so fierce?" Gu Shenliang crossed a face: "I am also at fault in this matter." Early in the evening, he reached out to wipe away a tear from the corner of his eye and left the scene. A full of joy, did not expect to end up with such a result, the other three people went home with a sad face. When Zhong Jing walked out of the auditorium, the phone in his pocket kept vibrating. He sneered, and sure enough, Zhong Weining was the only one who trampled people under his feet and then crushed them mentally. Hey, Automated warehouse systems ,radio shuttle racking, brother. Zhong Jing took out a cigarette from his pocket and put it in his mouth. How about it? Did you win the first place in the game? Zhong Weining's tone is as kind as an elder. No Zhong Jing is too lazy to talk to him. Zhong Weining is smiling over there, but his tone is very annoying: "I told you earlier that you should live your college life safely, be the president of the dance club, and participate in the animation design contest." "Why, are you so ambitious?" Zhong Ning pushed open the window of the office and was as calm as talking about the weather. "Your half-dead mother is still lying in the hospital, and you are talking about ideals here." Zhong Jing flicked on the lighter, made a metallic friction sound, and lowered his head to light the cigarette. His expression was indifferent, and there was nothing to refute Zhong Weining, but his thumb was clasped on it, tightening his fingers and turning white. I go to do these, to help friends collect money, "Zhong Jing took a puff of smoke," will not be in the future. " "You'll never turn the tables with me." Zhong Weining laughed. Zhong Jing hung up the phone and threw his cell phone directly at the opposite wall. The phone fell apart, and the glass shards radiated out of his cold face. Suddenly, I don't know which direction made a sound. Zhong Jing turned his head and said in an impatient voice, "Who?" "It's me." The first night stood out, palm-sized face full of nervousness, afraid that Zhong Jing would eat her alive in the next second. Chapter 34 Zhong Jing withdrew his sight from the first night and looked into the distance, not knowing what he was thinking. In the first night, she was worried that he would be sulking, so she followed him out. She also heard some of the contents of the phone call between him and that person just now. She knew that Zhong Jing didn't care about the competition at the beginning and had some expectations. In this work, he did more than half of the work by himself, and often stayed up until he couldn't lift his shoulders. I had a fever at the worst time. So the pressure on his shoulders is no less than others. I understand him very much and I want to help him get the trophy back. Brother Jing, are you all right? At the beginning of the evening, he looked up with caution in his eyes. Zhong Jing's thoughts were withdrawn, which was unprecedented exhaustion. Some people do everything wrong, maybe even breathing is wrong, he exists like this. Think of mother still lying in the hospital, Zhong Weining that pervert to his monitoring, want to help friends but let him down. Everything here makes Zhong Jing breathless. Everyone sees the mountain as the mountain and the sea as the sea. But when he saw the mountains and the seas, he could not cross them, could not cross them, and stayed where he was at a loss. Zhong Jing stared at the timid little girl in front of him, and he even dreamed of being a savior. I promised you that I would do it in the basketball match. "Zhong Jing looked at her and said slowly," If there is anything in the future, ask Ah Chuan to help you. " A word fell to the ground and nailed the first night in place. She didn't even know what it was. But she was full of disappointment with the man in front of her. She was disappointed by the look of being at the mercy of others and having nothing to care about. I'm sorry, that work should be leaked by me. "The first night looked at him, his voice was hoarse." But don't be like this. You are very good,warehouse storage racks, and you have done very well. " Zhong Jing approached her step by step, and the tall figure came down. He put out the cigarette and threw it back, and the end of the cigarette fell into the trash can in a beautiful parabola. kingmoreracking.com