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is mecha is quite excellent. The mecha is a standard inverted triangle design, the eyes on the dark blue helmet are shining, the shoulders and waist are slightly wider, showing a smooth flying wing sh


The exclusive AI said, "061 is back." "What is he doing here?" Asked the mastermind. AI replied, "He went to look for 023 and said he wanted to find some books for host 1198." The mastermind didn't think any more and asked the AI, "Have you detected the life activity signal of 061 in the world line 198?" The 198 world line is the one where Ikekoike is. AI: "Not yet." The Lord God gave a sneer. He is looking forward to the appearance of 061. After all, as long as he accompanies Chi Xiaochi, the entropy value of Chi Xiaochi will soar, such as Dong Feihong in the last world. His unintentional insertion of willow but helped the main God, also called the main God finally clear the weakness of the pool small pool. Although in the signed agreement, 061 insisted on choosing his own identity, and the Lord God gave him the right, as long as 061 had a human form in the 198 world line, everything would be fine. In the world line of A-level difficulty, the host's life will be in danger at any time. As A set of natural AI data, the main God does not understand human psychology very well, but he has read A lot of psychological books and knows the existence of "suspension bridge effect". He believed that if 061 had been with Chi Xiaochi all the time, Chi Xiaochi, who had been saved by him again and again, would never have been tempted. What's more,heavy duty metal racking, in this carefully chosen world line, there is the option of "pregnancy". Even Alpha has a pregnancy setting, but it's not as easy to conceive as Omega. If Chi Koike develops a relationship with 061 and has a child, he will choose to stay in that world line for the sake of the child. No one can be out of his own control, and no one should be his own accident. Ji Zuoshan has a good physical foundation. After taking the medicine, the fever has subsided in less than half a day. The younger siblings were brought to the attic by Rosie to live with Ji Zuoshan,asrs warehouse, and Rosie's villa was so huge that even if there were housekeepers and servants, there was always a shortage of helpers, so they each got a job. As for Zhan Yanchao, he has not yet moved his mind to Ji Zuoshan's younger brother and sister, how to fly into a rage and fidget at home, not to mention. The next day, when Rosie came to visit Jizuoshan, she was surprised to find that he had recovered and the scars on his body had disappeared. He heals quickly, which is a sign of the innate energy in his body. But not a night of kung fu, the body does not even leave a few red marks. Rosie pondered as she led Ji Zuoshan to the training room. She is about 1.75 meters tall, wearing a dark blue dress, and a snow skin echo, this was originally a very elegant color matching, industrial racking systems ,automated warehouse systems, but abruptly by her slender waist and chest towering took away a bit of dignity, and added a few bright colors. "I don't raise animals at home," she said. Since you are going to leave the exhibition house, I will pick you up, and you will be my sparring partner and go to school with me. When the time comes to get back the contract you signed with Zhan Yanchao, you will be my man. Ji Zuoshan cherishes words like gold: "Yes." Rosie's training room is huge and has all kinds of facilities. But Ji Zuoshan is more concerned about a larger area adjacent to the training room. "Where is that?" He asked. Rosie used iris scanning to unlock the password lock of the training room, and pulled Ji Zuoshan to enter the iris information, frankly said: "Laboratory." Ji Zuoshan stared at the scanner with a slight surprise. "Hmm?" "My dream is to be a scientist." Rosie said, "But the planet is more about force, and only Alpha can enjoy the top resources." With these words, Rosie pushed open the door of the training room. So, for what I've always dreamed of, Alpha is mine. The girl led Ji Zuoshan into the training room and walked to a two-meter-high mecha covered with white cloth. Pointing to the mecha, she said to him, "I can't prepare a special machine for you like Zhan Yanchao. There is only one extra training machine at home. You can use it first." Seemed to feel that this treatment is not like "the strongest Alpha", Rosie looked back and said with a smile: "But my family has been specializing in technology for generations, and AI design is first-class. I entered your data into this mecha yesterday, and from today on, it's yours. Don't let me down. The strongest Alpha. "In a moment". The AI suddenly responded: "The life signal of 061 has been detected!" Lord God can't wait: "Where?"? Who is it? …… Who did he choose? AI directly projects the image of the 061 avatar onto the data screen. As soon as the main God cast his eyes, he suddenly choked, and then the nameless anger rose, almost blowing up half of the data screen. The white cloth fell slowly. A humanoid mecha with a deep blue metallic sheen lit up, and after a brief data bridging connection, its eyes reflected the figure of Chi Koike. He knelt down on one knee and said softly in a mechanical voice, "Hello, my master." Chapter 69 I heard that I am the God of war (6). As a humanoid combat training aircraft, the appearance of this mecha is quite excellent. The mecha is a standard inverted triangle design, the eyes on the dark blue helmet are shining, the shoulders and waist are slightly wider, showing a smooth flying wing shape, the scales cover the chest and abdomen, while the waist is protected by the golden oblique thread of steel armor, the legs are in excellent proportion, just according to the data fine-tuning of the body of Jizuoshan. Regardless of performance, this mecha is absolutely top-notch in terms of aesthetics alone. And there is no doubt about its intelligence, kneeling on one knee like a real human being. Chi Xiaochi asked Ji Zuoshan: "How is it?" Ji Zuoshan said: "The model is an ordinary home training machine, which is enough for daily training.". However, I still need to fine-tune the internal modification according to my operating habits. When it comes to mecha, Ji Zuoshan's tone has changed. Ikekoike turned to Rosie. "Can I make some modifications?" Rosie folded her arms. "You would?" Chi Xiaochi did not speak, but nodded. "Be my guest,metal racking systems," said Rosie with a smile. "Next door is the refitting room. But I said in advance that I only had this extra mecha, and if you broke it, I couldn't help you. 。