clenched her pink fist and beat me

Everyone was still laughing for a full quarter of an hour until the King of Xiang left. The moon fell into my arms laughing and could not stand up straight, and clenched her pink fist and beat me.


"Long Chong, the king of Shangxiang, is only a small Royal Guard with thousands of households. He is not as capable as the king of Xiangxiang in front of the emperor." I emphasized the tone of my last sentence. If he is not stupid, he should know who is more capable of speaking in front of the emperor. Sure enough, the king of Xiang turned pale and felt a shock in his heart. Thinking about the tense relationship between the emperor and the mighty king, he said this or listened to him. It was really going to be a disaster. The more he thought about it, the more afraid he was. His face changed again and again. Are you a Royal Guard? He still doesn't believe in my identity. I turned over my hand and showed the Royal Guards' waist card: "This is not a fake, is it?"? With the knowledge of the King of Xiang, we should be able to distinguish the truth from the false. Xiang Wang Jun face can not help twitching, eyes are very flustered. I walked leisurely back to my seat and sat down. "Brother Shen," I said, "I'd like to add a seat for the King of Xiang. It's fate to meet you. Why don't you have a drink?" I was first humble and then respectful, which made everyone admire me greatly. The king of Xiang pressed his heart and could not care much. He sat down and talked to this guy first. If not, he had to go back to the sixth elder brother, King Zhen of Chu, to discuss the matter. He did not hesitate to sit down with a forced smile. The four bodyguards did not expect such a result, but they also knew that the Royal Guards were arrogant and arrogant, and that there was no one in their eyes except the emperor. At the moment there is no power to send, all obediently out of the door, and closed the door. On my left were Shen Ziling, Shen Wenying, and Shen Hua, and on my right were Yue'er, Shuang'er,multi disc screw press, Liu Jing, and Luo Cheng. The King of Xiang was sitting opposite me between Luo Cheng and Shen Hua. Just now Xiang Wang's bodyguard said he wanted to see his humble lover, Zi Ling. I can't figure out what it is? Does the King of Xiang know the reason? I brought the topic to the point. The King of Xiang looked unnatural for a moment and said with a forced smile, "There seems to be some discrepancy in this matter. The king has just come out of Miss Shen's house. He was going to propose marriage. It's just that Mr. Shen said he had to ask Miss Zi Ling what she meant before he could decide. But he never heard them say that Miss Zi Ling had a fiance. It's really strange." Said the station also looked at Shen Zi Ling, who was not very natural. I couldn't help laughing: "What's so strange about this? The humble position and the purple silk have a private life. The old man doesn't know that it's right. Besides, the humble position is preparing to hide the concubine in the golden house. You can't go to discuss it with the old man Shen, can you?" The moon and others all wanted to laugh, but they just put up with it, especially when they saw my empty mouth,lamella clarifer, white teeth and firecrackers, and my face was not red, they admired me even more. Since it is not a fact, the king is still qualified to compete with you, right? Xiang Wang read countless women, since he saw that Shen Zi Ling was still a virgin, he dared to make this assertion. Of course, of course, humble soft-hearted, purple silk is also firmly guarding the last pass, several nights in a row have not done all the work, it is unworthy of Jiangdong elders, ah, this fact is not so good achievement ah, not afraid of Xiang Wang you joke, in addition to not cause the fact, instead of falling all over the body, Lamella Plate Settler ,rotary vacuum disc filters, every think of this, I will give birth to the idea of hanging suicide, it is shame, shame. I'm talking to myself, and a room full of people are stupid. Chapter 47-show your purpose. In addition to the king of Xiang, they all appreciated the true evil nature of the "bad guy" and "lascivious stick" in Miss Xu's mouth. Can he say such a thing? This is no doubt to tell the king of Xiang that I have been lingering with the beauty for several nights, but I have not broken her body. If you don't mind, you can come to compete naturally. Everyone forgot to laugh because of horror, including the two beauties who were intimate with me. Shen Zi Ling almost did not find a crack to get into, ashamed and angry, her neck was red, her body trembled, but her hands pinched my thighs impolitely. Although I was in terrible pain, I didn't dare to move. I quickly reached out my hand and grabbed her catkin, savoring it and kneading it carefully. It was also a revenge. The King of Xiang's face was like a pig's liver, but because of the pain, his foot fell into my hands and there was no place to vent. Finally, he cheered up and said, "I admire your courage. Let's stop here. Besides, what the King said just now is wrong. I hope you don't remember the past. If it's useful for the King in the future, just speak." He was ashamed to stay any longer, but he was afraid that I would say his fault, so he promised me in front of everyone regardless of face. I quickly got up and said with my hand, "The King of Xiang's words are too serious. He has been spoiled by his humble position. I will come to visit him in the future.". ” The King of Xiang pretended to be bold and unconstrained. He stood up and said with a smile, "If you don't fight, you don't know each other. Brother Taiguo is a talented person. It's an act of God that the king has the honor to get to know each other." What he meant was why he was so unlucky to meet you. I greatly sympathized with him and said with a bold smile, "Gan, King of Xiang, if you don't drink this cup, it won't be in vain for you and me to meet."? I didn't expect the king of Xiang to be such a cool person. First, he was courteous and virtuous, and then he let the beauty be humble. It's rare in the world. It's rare in the world. The humble position should be respected first. Drink up the wine in one gulp. My words were full of sarcasm, and it was estimated that everyone except him, a slow-turning warrior, had heard it, just by looking at the bitter way they were holding back their laughter. The King of Xiang was really a guy with a slow reaction. He felt like he was on cloud nine under my praise. He really put on a smile on his face: "Good, dry." Everyone was still laughing for a full quarter of an hour until the King of Xiang left. The moon fell into my arms laughing and could not stand up straight, and clenched her pink fist and beat me. Bad guy, do you want to laugh others to death? I really admire you. Shen, Liu and Luo's eyes were full of adoration. Several beauties all laughed and stared at me, as if they wanted to see me through. The most unbearable is Shen Zi Ling, has been blushing, smiling also dare not speak loudly. At this moment, I knew it was time for me to make amends to this beautiful woman. I turned to her slightly and said, "Miss Shen, please forgive Ling for making his own decisions. Before that, Ling heard the conversation between Miss and Miss Shen in the next room. So he was not angry with the King of Xiang. He also felt unfair about the oppression of Shen Fu. He deeply admired Miss's noble sentiment of not fearing power and regarding wealth and splendor as dirt." To insult the young lady's innocence, it's really a hundred deaths that can't be redeemed. For my eloquence, they finally had a bottom in their hearts, and at this time they took it for granted, but they still admired my calm expression and unhurried free and easy bearing. Before Shen Ziling could answer, the moon had already launched an attack on me. The biggest swindler in the world, the first big whore,MBR reactor, the first big villain, Ling'er, don't listen to him. He's the worst. 。