At this moment

At this moment, I knew it was time for me to make amends to this beautiful woman.


"Long Chong, the king of Shangxiang, is only a small Royal Guard with thousands of households. He is not as capable as the king of Xiangxiang in front of the emperor." I emphasized the tone of my last sentence. If he is not stupid, he should know who is more capable of speaking in front of the emperor. Sure enough, the king of Xiang turned pale and felt a shock in his heart. Thinking about the tense relationship between the emperor and the mighty king, he said this or listened to him. It was really going to be a disaster. Bad guy, do you want to laugh others to death? I really admire you. Shen, Liu and Luo's eyes were full of adoration. Several beauties all laughed and stared at me, as if they wanted to see me through. The most unbearable is Shen Zi Ling, has been blushing, smiling also dare not speak loudly. At this moment, I knew it was time for me to make amends to this beautiful woman. I turned to her slightly and said, "Miss Shen, please forgive Ling for making his own decisions. Before that, Ling heard the conversation between Miss and Miss Shen in the next room. So he was not angry with the King of Xiang. He also felt unfair about the oppression of Shen Fu. He deeply admired Miss's noble sentiment of not fearing power and regarding wealth and splendor as dirt." To insult the young lady's innocence, it's really a hundred deaths that can't be redeemed. For my eloquence, they finally had a bottom in their hearts, and at this time they took it for granted, but they still admired my calm expression and unhurried free and easy bearing. Before Shen Ziling could answer, the moon had already launched an attack on me. The biggest swindler in the world, the first big whore,MBR reactor, the first big villain, Ling'er, don't listen to him. He's the worst. 。