Dark desire

If you can practice here, you will certainly speed up some speed. After winning the Wansheng Tianzong


Everything just happened in front of us. That kind of despair makes them feel fear from the heart, finally in the arrival of Qin Tian, that kind of expectation is full of joy, no one thought that Wanhua Tianzong can survive all because of outsiders, and they did nothing. Gratitude comes naturally. This moment. Qin Tian is the hero in the eyes of all the female disciples of Wanhua Tianzong, except Wang Jin, of course. Wang Jin got up from the ground and was slightly excited when he learned that he was not dead. However, at this moment, the hatred in his heart came up again. He stared at Yu Yu with cold eyes and secretly said in his heart, "Wait.". I won't make it easy for you. Then, silently back to one side, quietly left. Her departure did not attract anyone's attention, including her trusted disciples. I won. "We won." Yu Yu laughed excitedly, and the joy in his eyes could not be expressed in words. "Master, we have won," he said to himself. "We have defeated the insufferably arrogant Wan Sheng Tian Zong. We have saved Wan Hua Feng." …… "Second Brother, are you ready?"? I have a little cramp in my neck. "I can't hold it either." "It's so tiring to be handsome." Look at the way those female disciples look at us. You see, ha ha, suddenly I feel so happy. …… The little demon, Maomao, and the Bull Demon King were placed there, motionless. Ideas exchange, looking at the female disciples of Wanhua Tianzong looking at them crazily, they are incomparably happy, that kind of feeling has never been before. Meng Lei smiled foolishly and shook the axe gently on his shoulder. On his back, he strode up with Qin Tian's footsteps. Husband "Hee hee, I miss you so much." "I want to think so much." …… The female nymphomaniacs generally around Qin Tian, Qin Tian's eyes are also full of love,industrial racking systems, but now is not the time to talk about love, the first wave of attacks by Wan Shengtian Zong beat back. There may be a second wave of Li Ai at any time, and we must be ready. You have to discuss everything with me in the future, in case I come half a minute later. "Qin Tian blamed, just if not arrived in time, at the critical moment to change the angle of the cannon, I'm afraid all the people in Wanhua Peak are dead.". Think of Qin Tian and feel scared for a while. Giggle "My husband is here.". Not afraid. "Yes, yes." …… The women did not feel the danger at all, but their hearts tightened slightly. Can feel Qin Tian is nervous for them, on the face all shows the happy smile, this kind of feeling is incomparably wonderful. Qin Tian shook his head with a smile. He couldn't do anything about them. Then he looked at Yu Yu and said, "What are you going to do next?" Yu Yu was stunned. Without waiting for her to speak, Yunman grinned and jumped behind Yu Yu with a gentle push. Yu Yu was caught off guard and staggered forward. He threw himself directly into Qin Tian's arms. The girls shouted directly: "Marry him, marry him, heavy duty rack manufacturers ,push back racking system, marry him..." "Eh?" Yu Yu's face flushed, raised his head to look at Qin Tian, four eyes meet, his face is red dripping water in general, dare not look directly, from time to time do not do any reaction, throw in Qin Tian's arms do not know whether to loosen, or not to loosen. The first time I leaned on a man's arms, this feeling was wonderful, my heart beat faster, but my heart was as sweet as eating honey. Qin Tian is also a little uncomfortable. Beautiful woman into the bosom, body fragrance into the nose, the spirit of a daze, Yu Yu's body is weak and boneless, like water snuggled in his arms, that feeling also makes his heart beat slightly faster, accelerated inhalation of the fragrance of her hair is even more intoxicated, but still gently pushed up Yu Yu, stared at Yunman, and then said: "You like to fool around." Yunman stuck out his little tongue and showed a nifty grimace. He pouted and said, "I'm not fooling around. From now on, Xiaoyuer will be your tenth wife. The elder sister has agreed. You have no right to speak. Humph!" Then he did not forget to put his hands in his small waist, and he looked like I was making decisions for you. Qin Tian was speechless directly. He took one look at Yu Yu and said with a smile, "They just like to fool around. Don't take it to heart.". ” As soon as Yu Yu's lips moved, there was a sudden throbbing pain in his heart. Somehow, he looked at Qin Tian and hesitated to speak, but he didn't know what to say. He said to himself, "Fool, fool, can't you see it?"? I'm so angry. I'm so angry. Do you want me to say it? My heart is in a mess. However, she did not know that Qin Tian was thinking about her. Wan Sheng Tian Zong was defeated and would never give up. If Yu Yu married her at this time, she would not be qualified to be the head of Wan Hua Tian Zong again. In this way, I'm afraid she would not be able to keep Wan Hua Tian Zong. According to the information they got back from the little devils, the strong men of the Halloween Sect are like clouds, and the next battle will be even more severe. However. Qin Tian also does not intend to escape, Wanhua Holy Mountain is an excellent place to practice within a radius of hundreds of millions of kilometers. If you can practice here, you will certainly speed up some speed. After winning the Wansheng Tianzong, you will be in seclusion for ten years. Refine all the energy of the God King to reach the realm of the God King. When the time comes, he will be able to kill the Shura Temple in one fell swoop and kill Luo Yan directly. Moreover. There are many disciples of the Halloween Sect, which shows that the number of godhood is huge. To have godhood is to have infinite energy. Meng Lei and others can practice with godhood, so that they can all grow up. Looking at Yu Yu's face slightly changed, Qin Tian immediately said, "Wan Shengtian Zong will definitely organize the army again. What do you want to do next?" "Eh?" Yu Yu was stunned. In the heart immediately went to Qin Tian to avoid the topic of cloud man is for the whole Wanhua Tianzong, deeply moved, then restored the usual look,push back racking system, frowned, and then looked at the square in a mess. She didn't know what to do next. She really can't bear it. The huge Wanhua Peak was bombarded by the divine cannon? Apart from the square, there is not even a clean place. I don't even know where to sleep at night. What to do? How to resist?. kingmoreracking.com