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the waiting of "Tiantian": "Miss Tiantian, I think there are some questions to be clarified before I co


But isn't it wrong for me not to tell you the truth when she, an outsider who is hostile to me, knows my true identity? In addition, I also want to use this matter to tell you the above truth. Seeing the dizzy expression of "Maitreya Buddha", I finally asked, "Well, do you understand?" "Maitreya Buddha" first nodded, then shook his head, and then explained in my confusion: "I understand that you are ink, as for the other is not very clear, it is too complicated." Come on, what I said before is too complicated. Anyway, don't believe what others say completely in the future, just believe it with reservations. Since you already know my ink identity, then as a friend, I can not be too stingy, I will give you a piece of equipment. You say, what type you want, as long as I have the right one in my hand,filter nozzle, I will give you one. "Gloves." "Maitreya Buddha" said without hesitation. " Gloves? My face is full of doubts. Previously, "Maitreya Buddha" told me that while he got the "body" training classics, he got a book of knife skills, and he said it was still a book of skills. I thought he would say "knife", but I didn't know he would say "gloves", so I couldn't help asking why. Maitreya Buddha was coy for a long time before he finally told the reason why he wanted the gloves. Originally, from childhood to adulthood,lamella tube, "Maitreya Buddha" is a cartoon fan, especially like one of the animation called "Iron Maitreya", and the character of "Iron Maitraya" is using a pair of gloves that are said to be handed down from ancient times. It is precisely because "Maitreya Buddha" took such a name that matches himself a little after entering the game, and he also likes "gloves" on weapons. Oh, what do you want? You want gloves'? ". I sighed. Silence, no, Big Brother Ink, don't you have gloves? "Maitreya Buddha" looked disappointed and said, "It doesn't matter. Anyway, I don't have any good boxing skills now, and I don't need gloves." "It's not that I don't have it, but I'm worried about where you can find a book of boxing skills." With these words, a pair of "gloves" appeared on my hands. As early as I prepared to use the "seventy-two changes" as the role of various professions, Mechanical fine screen ,rotary vacuum disc filters, I prepared a variety of equipment, and most of them are my carefully built dark gold level equipment. Take this pair of "Zhanshen Fist Gloves" for example. The outside is a very flexible "water # 8226; titanium alloy", and the inside is a lining made of "salon" leather. In addition, there are two "trapped dragon formations" of water systems on the two. As long as you don't encounter those super equipment above the fairy level, which are famous for their sharpness, it is very difficult to be damaged. And the whole "gloves" have the attribute of water, which seems to be specially prepared for "Maitreya Buddha". I explained the use of the "God of War Fist Glove" in detail, and finally said: "This pair of" fist gloves "may not be as good as the ancient" fist gloves "you said, but it is more than enough for you now." Looking at the "Maitreya Buddha" wearing the "God of War Fist Glove" like a child hitting in the water, I sniggered that "Maitreya Buddha" was really pure in mind, and my heart moved slightly. Our previous practice is only in the aspect of "body", why can't we add the practice of "form" to it? This way of boxing towards the Rapids is definitely a good way to practice. When I can cut off the water of the waterfall by the strength of my body alone, it must be a great realm. Maitreya, I'm going to settle the matter between us with that'Tiantian 'now. You can practice here by yourself. Remember, while accepting the impact of the waterfall, boxing in it is definitely a good way to practice. With the obvious absent-minded answer of "Maitreya Buddha", I shook my head slightly and left "Elephant Trunk Falls", and met "Tiantian" who had been waiting impatiently about 2000 meters away from the waterfall. What took you so long? "Tian Tian" complained about the tunnel. "Nothing. I explained to Maitreya the'real 'relationship between us and made him understand that he could not trust strangers casually in the future, especially those who seemed harmless on the surface but were extremely dangerous on the inside.". Although it took a little effort, I succeeded in understanding Maitreya. "Oh, I really can't see that the famous first master in the game actually has so much leisure to say such a great truth to others." There was sarcasm in Tiantian's words, but she immediately changed the subject and said, "Well, now that everyone is out, come with me and let's find a place to have a good psychological study of your triple identity." "Tiantian" made a gesture of "you please", but I did not leave my position, but said in the waiting of "Tiantian": "Miss Tiantian, I think there are some questions to be clarified before I cooperate with you in the relevant research." "Sweet" face burst into a big smile, said: "Of course, as long as I can answer, I promise to tell you all. "Well, first question." I raised a finger and said, "Miss Sweet, you said before that you were studying all kinds of special behaviors of human beings after changing their identities.". I want to ask Miss Tian Tian, what is the significance of this study? It doesn't make any sense to me! Because in reality, nothing like this happens? Even if they happen to get the chance to replace others because they look alike, it is only a very small number of individual phenomena. I think even if there are one or two things in the world, it is already a rare thing. So, what is the significance of its research? As my question came out, the original smile on Tiantian's face slowly disappeared, replaced by a serious and even solemn: "Mr. Ink, what you said sounds very reasonable, there are not many examples in the real world.". But outside the real world? Just like in this game,disc air diffuser, there are already duals like you. In terms of the potential of the game, it is really likely to become the second world of mankind, so it is very meaningful to study this topic. 。