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heaven and earth, all is purgatory, all is the sea of fire The ancient Vulcan, whose body explodes b


The golden one is the White Emperor and the Golden Emperor. The rest are the Green Emperor, the Black Emperor, the Red Emperor and the Yellow Emperor. The five emperors and the five elements are five mountains. One is squeezed and condensed into a mountain of five elements. This mountain of the five elements is like the land of the five elements that suppressed Chiyuan Demon Zun, facing Hong Tianjing, no matter good or bad, exploding and pressing down. Hong Tianjing's color changed in an instant, and his eyes showed shock. "The top ten three thousand avenues of the five elements are open to me." He ran his magic power crazily, trying to break the suppression of the five elements mountain. "Suppression" Fang Han didn't give him any chance at all. He was full of vitality. A stream of vitality penetrated into the Five Elements Mountain and suspended on Hong Tianjing's head, which made him breathless. Hong Tianjing's back, which had been standing upright, was crushed. "Ba Bu Fu Tu" As soon as Fang Han moved again, the golden light of the eight pagodas exploded and turned against Sima Chong. Sima Chong roared again and again, but to no avail. Among them, the wooden Taoist broke through the body of immortality. Fang Han also came out to preside over it. He was also overwhelmed by the eight pagodas. Fang Han calmed the two men, and instead of killing and plundering, he drew a long breath, and his body rose a full three thousand feet. This was his body, not the law of heaven and earth. At the same time, above his body, also enough to rise three thousand arms, his head, unexpectedly appeared five faces, a face a bit like the God emperor of the Protoss, a face, but is the Demon Emperor in the Demons, there is a face, is the Buddha appearance, the fourth face,Belt Filter Press, is a dragon face of the ancient dragon face and the fifth face, blurred, no facial features, a light collapse. These five faces represent gods, demons, Buddhas, dragons, and fate. It is the symbol of Fang Han Xiuwei. After becoming an immortal body, the body can change at will. There is no original appearance of heaven and earth, but there is the same magical power of the appearance of heaven and earth. Now Fang Han has changed into three thousand hands,disc air diffuser, three thousand eyes, and five faces. It is as big as the mountain breath. It is as big as the arrival of the demon and sends out. The surrounding space, the array, is violent inch by inch. The evil spirit on his body rushed out and formed one magic dragon after another. On the spot, the great array of ninety-nine pure Yang was broken by the shock. Some of the shallow disciples exploded all over their bodies, and the golden elixir flew out. "No, how can this be such a powerful force?" Hong Tianjing, who was temporarily suppressed, and Sima Chong were shocked when they saw Fang Han's violent appearance. However, they also secretly accumulated strength in an attempt to break Fang Han's suppression again and come out to plot against Fang Han. And the layout of the ninety-nine pure Yang big array of some of the ancient giants, also roared up, one after another, in an attempt to re-condense into a big array, but where will Fang Han give these people a chance? "The dragon of pure Yang can't wake up after all. Give me refining and spitting out the elixir of pure Yang." Fang Han contributed the star runes of Chunan Childe and flew out. These contributions, a full 500 million, that is to say, a full 500 million pure Yang Dan can be exchanged. The five hundred million contributions, all flew into the mouth of three thousand pure Yang dragon, these pure Yang dragon immediately spit out a huge amount of elixir, fine bubble diffuser ,Lamella Plate Settler, all fell into the netherworld map. As long as the dragons of Chunyang on the square of the main hall contribute to them, they will extract the holy water ocean of Jiuyang in the depths of Chunyang Hall and condense it into Chunyang Dan, which is the eternal rule set by Wuji Star Palace. Of course, this is because ninety-nine pure Yang array, and did not completely wake them up, otherwise, they will not give Fang Han exchange elixir, but will strangle Fang Han together. But now in the Chunyang Hall, the Lord "Lv Dongxian" has left, and the nine immortal elders have gone. It is not easy to urge the ninety-nine Chunyang Array to make the three thousand Chunyang dragons completely violent and sober. In the twinkling of an eye, Fang Han put all the savings of Chunan Childe 500 million contributions, all flew out, with the replacement of 500 million pure Yang Dan medicine, input the afterlife map in Fang Han without hesitation, roar, the voice is almost shaking the three realms. "Five hundred million pure Yang, all burning, the map of the afterlife, covering the world" With his overbearing magic power, he burned all the five hundred million pure Yang elixirs to urge the afterlife. Don Chapter 573 the disk of reincarnation. (Hand-made Chinese website 724 hours of uninterrupted updates pure txt hand-made novel m) () a full 500 million pure Yang Dan medicine, burning in the picture of the afterlife, this is really out of anyone's imagination 500 million pure Yang Dan is not 50 million, but 500 million. A trillion is a trillion. Five hundred million pure Yang Dan, converted into the common Baiyang Dan in the world of Xuanhuang, that is, five trillion five trillion Dan medicine, which can be taken out? Even the big schools famous for their elixirs, the Chamber of Commerce, the Liudao Alliance, and the Jiuding Xuan Tiandao Pavilion are probably overstretched. And Fang Han, now, burned a full five trillion elixir value of things. This, is simply let Yan all flesh pain up. But now it can't speak or even move, because it's all wrapped up in the power of the pure sun. The raging fire is burning in the picture of the afterlife. This pure sun flame is thousands of times bigger than before. At the moment of burning in the picture of the afterlife, it seems that the fire in the great disaster has come to the world. Between heaven and earth, all is purgatory, all is the sea of fire The ancient Vulcan, whose body explodes by itself, wants to completely destroy all the heavens and all the world The emptiness of the celestial world was completely burned by the anger of the gods. This is the scene that appears in the picture of the afterlife at this moment. The five hundred million elixirs, burning the flame of pure Yang, erupted in the picture of the afterlife, a fireball with a radius of thousands of miles, burning fiercely, including many flames, condensed into a fire dragon, as well as a flame spirit, evolved into beautiful women, immortals, flame Buddha, flame demons and so on, it seems that the flame is too fierce. All of them have evolved into living life. In the picture of the afterlife, a holy river of the afterlife, the water of forgetting love, is beginning to boil. Originally, this river, I don't know how deep, I don't know how long, stretched to another space in the afterlife, but now, this river, all began to evaporate,lamella clarifer, like a boiling pot, the water vapor and the pure Yang fire condensed together, and the combination of water and fire produced an incredible change. Love forgetting water is the most precious and peculiar water vapor between heaven and earth