Create memories, share warm messages and most of all make the most of your farewell day because the day once gone may not return again, no matter how hard you try.


Farewell is that very occasion where you have to be mentally prepared to leave behind your dear ones. Someone someplace must be leaving the firm either to move to another place or for any reasons that would have made the change compulsory.

But whatever it is, one deserves to get a proper farewell full of celebration and contribution from the entire team. We understand that it may be hard for some people to meet in person due to the remote nature of work but we have taken care of that as well.

We have designed some very amazing online farewell cards that would allow you to make a great present for the ones who are about to part away. Make sure you explore the wide range of online farewell cards and get the best balance of professionalism along with love and care. Our cards are designed to suit your personal and professional requirements giving you the benefit of fulfilling all your needs.

These online farewell cards are made in such a way that you can easily attach images, gifs, music and messages to make it much more personalised for all. You are simply giving the receiver a collage of memories. Get it signed by multiple people across the globe and let everyone mark their contributions with love and affection.

How to make the farewell party for your colleagues even more memorable?

Now that you are aware of the best present that you can collectively give your colleagues, it's time you also explore the various ways in which you can make the day much more memorable for them.

Online farewell cards have taken away one area of concern for you. Now take all the time and explore the various options so that you can choose the best for your near and dear ones.


A party is the most essential part of the farewell day. One must make sure that they involve the entire office and give the receiver a time worth enjoying. You can have a cake, some candles, and some balloons to feel like a child while enjoying the last day. There are no limitations on the extent to which you can get creative at your party.


Going out somewhere with your colleagues can act like a really great present. You may plan a place and take a day off just to relax and have fun. This kind of enjoyment will allow you to take some time off work and forgo the stress giving the receiver a happy and entertaining time. You easily make the day memorable for the receiver.

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Giving a heartwarming speech full of the best moments clubbed together can act like an enormous thing for the receiver. Talk about all the best times you had and why the parting of the receiver is hard. Make sure your speech makes the receiver happy about having colleagues like you in their life. Make it as creative as you can and give it a hint of love and affection.

Group picture

The last day is the only day you have left now. Make sure you take full advantage and grab as many group pictures as you can because later such moments won't return. Now is the time you chill to the fullest and collect as many memories as you can. Take pictures in all sorts of innovative ways and make a collection of cute pictures together.


Get an idea of what the receiver likes to watch or read so that you can have a theme-based party. This would allow you to come out of your office routine and have fun in a way the receiver would definitely love. If you arrange such a party make sure everyone is a part of it so that each one's contribution is marked with love and affection. This is also something from your daily routine so you ought to try it out.

Going away games

Games are always fun and if you find the right kind of games then everyone can be a part of it. On the last day take the best advantage of the going away games and create an enjoyable experience for all. Think innovative and play something that involves the entire team together. This will not only give the receiver a great farewell day but will also strengthen the ties among the group.

Dance like there is no tomorrow

Start playing all the crazy songs you like and dance like there is no tomorrow. Get tired of dancing as you come together with your entire team and enjoy the moment to its fullest. Play all the favourite songs of the receiver and create a long-lasting memory.

Long-lasting memory

Moments like these will give the receiver utmost happiness which can't be gathered through any place else. Make the farewell day super special for the receiver with your sweet gestures. Give them a day worth remembering.

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