A get well soon card is a card sent to someone who is sick or injured, to wish them a speedy recovery. Get well soon cards can be store-bought or handmade, and are often given along with flowers or a gift.


As humans we are vulnerable to many diseases. Every person goes through hard times in life and everyone gets sick every now and then. But this time of sickness can be tough on certain people. It can be depressing, lonely and hopeless. Surrounded by the smell of medicines and beeping monitors can be depressing and lead to a bad state of mind. So recovery is not just a physical process it is also a mental process. And one that shouldn't be overlooked. 

The illness may have some mental effect on the person, this should be considered while trying to take care of him. Although this is different from illness to illness, many diseases have the power to weaken your body to a certain limit. And the physical weakness may grow into mental illness. You should help out the person in need by providing them with words of kindness and confidence. Our Get Well Soon Cards are the best for such situations. Custom tailored to your perfection they play out their role perfectly. We shouldn’t let the illness manifest in a person’s mind. Change and growth are a huge part of everyone’s lives and no illness can stay forever. 

The illness is temporary while the mindset lasts a lifetime. And as we learn this we must also learn to appreciate the beauty of life. We all have limited time here and staying cooped up in your room is very bad for your mental health. Going outside, witnessing nature and living in the moment is something we all should aim for. Help our your loved ones by sending in a get better soon cards and re instill confidence in them.

Here are few suggestions for Get Well Soon Cards : 

  • “I miss not seeing you around. I hope that you get well soon and have a speedy recovery, so we can spend time together again.”
  • “There is a time to laugh and play, and then there is a time to relax and work on yourself. You take the time you need to get well so that you can laugh and play with the rest of us.”
  • “The health of a loved one is something we all take for granted. Today, I hope and pray that you get better so that the world can be graced with your happiness again.”
  • “A smile on your face will always help you overcome your sickness. You’re beautiful even when you’re feeling down.”
  • “The time off of your feet sleeping in a bed is so that you can recover quickly and be stronger than you were before.”
  • “The will of man is shown most prominently when they are sick. Some men will sit in their rooms and cry about it, while others will fight until they are better. Get well, my friend.”
  • “No one ever thought someone as strong as you would be sick, but we were wrong. You’ll overcome this – I promise. Get well soon.”
  • “It’s time to snap your fingers and get well. We know you can do it!”
  • “There is a time to reflect on life and our health. When we’re sick, it’s time to remember that no matter how bad we may feel, we can get better.”
  • “I never know what to put in these cards. I hate that you’re sick and I know that you’ll feel better soon, but it still sucks seeing you in the hospital. Get well.”
  • “My sweet friend. The time to be sick is not now. We have too much planned next week, and it wouldn’t be the same without you. Get well.”
  • “I miss your laughter and your smile when you walk in the room. I wish you a speedy recovery.”
  • “Quickly, you will be feeling better and out causing mayhem again. Get well soon.”
  • “Get well soon. Tomorrow, we have a date.”
  • “Your life is still ahead of you, so kick this sickness in the butt and get better soon.”
  • “Your absence creates a vacuum in my soul. Please get better soon. I miss you.”
  • “There is never a point in life when a parent feels more helpless than when their child is ill. Get better soon.”
  • “A prayer for you on this day. I pray that you fight off your sickness and get back to good health. I pray that the angels look down on you and smile as you overcome this battle.”
  • “You are the only one that matters when you’re sick. Get better soon.”
  • Hope you know it’s not you who is missing out things but it’s us who are missing you all the happiness and fun which you have taken away with you! Get well soon, your friends and colleagues miss you.
  • A hospital is certainly not a decent spot to visit regularly, you know. I’m seeking after your rapid recuperation since I would prefer not to go back there, again.


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