LED Downlight: Modern Lighting solution



The key component for every corporate and residential lighting design, LED Downlights, also known as Recessed lights, are the optimum choice. They are preferred by modern society because of their sleek and aesthetically pleasing design.

A great alternative to halogen lights, LED lights are better in every sense. They have conquered the market by providing wider illumination and saving electricity costs.

Downlights are installed at the face of the ceiling, from where they shine light in the downward direction at a wider angle to cover more area. The trim (which holds the light) is generally laid flat on the ceiling; however, some trims, such as gimbals or eyeballs, stick down below the ceiling to allow for aiming the light.

Benefits of LED Downlights

Due to the availability of numerous designs of reflectors, trims, and lenses, the variety of LED Downlights makes them more appealing to the consumer. From making it focused at one particular point to making it shine all across the room, it can do both based on the type of trim and lens.

The primary benefits of installing an LED Downlight are:

  • Low Maintenance.
  • Longevity factor.
  • Multiple Functions.
  • Low Heat radiations.
  • Sleek and recessed design.

Greyellow LED Downlights

At Greyellow, you will get a wide variety of LED lights, including Downlights. If you are looking for lighting solutions at your workplace or residential place, you can reach out to us.