Ancient and Modern Legends · Martial Arts Edition-Issue 27, 2007

Ancient and Modern Legends · Martial Arts Edition-Issue 27, 2007Ancient and Modern Legends · Martial Arts Edition-Issue 27, 2007


Under the bright moonlight, a group of silver light suddenly burst in the pocket of Fang's breeches, enveloping him in the silver light. The silver light had a slight temperature, and people felt very comfortable bathing in it. At this time, Fang knew that he had lost his normal judgment. He slowly reached out and pulled out the ring he had picked up in his pocket. The silver brilliance blossomed in his hands, more and more intense, until the surrounding scenery was reflected pale. The circle seems to have come to life, and it is no longer primitive and old. The glittering colors flow quickly in the middle of the circle. A more dazzling silver light suddenly opened in Fang Zhizhi's hands. Even the girl who gaped at Fang's actions was stabbed so hard that she couldn't open her eyes. Fang Zhizhi let out a scream, and the silver light flashed more and more fiercely, and rushed straight into the night sky to meet Xiao Han! Ten miles away, an army of silver armor was still advancing in silence. The thousands of cavalry are marching through the night, men are dripping with sweat. The white breath of the horses and men in the cold night filled the ranks. Apart from the sound of marching steps and the collision of armor and leaf weapons, there was no sound of the noise of horses and horses. There is no doubt that this is a well-trained force. The general who took the lead also wore silver heavy armor,artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings, but the armor was carved with complicated patterns of less than ten thousand characters. The huge helmet hid his face deep under the shadow. Distinguish carefully, still can see under the helmet, a pair of silver flowing face armor wrapped his whole head and face. And on top of the face armor, there is a lifelike image of anger Vajra! Suddenly in the middle of the night sky, everyone raised their heads and looked at the silver light column rising not far ahead,decorative palm trees, like an angry silver dragon, straight into the sky! Mountains and rivers and the earth are all illuminated by the sudden light. There was also an unstoppable outcry and confusion from such a well-trained army: "Look!"! Look! What is that thing? The general who led the team was shocked for a moment and looked at all the incredible things in front of him. Under the reflection of the huge silver light, the angry King Kong on the face armor looks like an angry face, as if he wants to come back to life. An important official defected, a national treasure disappeared, and a vision appeared in the sky. Is it true that I, Dayan, have reached the end of my life? The silver light suddenly disappeared, the earth returned to darkness, but the cavalry was still a crowd of people shouting horse neigh. A voice suddenly sounded from a distance, artificial grass panels ,outdoor ficus tree, then rose and fell one after another, and the relay spread all the way to the main general. Report Zou Shuai, the ninth team has found the autumn princess, in the direction of the silver light! With a clatter, a very long and heavy sword was pulled out by the Zeus, and his voice seemed to roar: "Forward!"! Silver dragon is born, Tianxing my big swallow! Catch Murong Qiu! The silver light finally disappeared, and Fang Zhi fell to the ground holding his hand. The circle was restored to its primitive appearance, and the grey autumn was inconspicuous, as if the big battle just now was not caused by this thing. Fang's palm was still burning, and when he looked carefully, there was already a crescent-shaped scar in the palm of his right hand. Around the crescent moon, there are marks like seven stars. Ah ***ing deep second degree burns! The girl seemed to react in the tent and was in a hurry to dress. When the girl is dressed and ready to run over. Fang Zhizhi, who was screaming, suddenly opened his eyes: "Doesn't it hurt?" He scrambled up from the ground and carefully distinguished his palms. Not only does it not hurt, but now the palms are warm and comfortable. It's just that the blackened scar is now completely silver, and there seems to be silver light flowing in it. Print for the cattle! The girl almost flew over, but the target was obviously directed at the circle on the ground. Fang knew that he was quick, so he grabbed it and put it back in his pocket. Then he looked up at her scoundrelly. Now he also understood that he was thrown into such an inexplicable environment, mostly because of this thing. If you want to find your way back, you have to think about it. This is my lifeblood! Can't be taken away by this weird beauty. When the two men were staring at each other, suddenly there was a loud cry not far behind them. Both of their faces had changed color, and they had just been so disturbed by the strange silver light that they could not think about things. I just realized it now. A dozen knights just now were obviously outposts sent by the tracking army. Now there is so much noise here, the tracking army behind is coming! Fang Zhizhi jumped up and looked left and right. A dark shadow of the mountain lay there in silence. Go into the mountains! It's important to fight for your life first! He gestured to the girl in the direction of the mountain, and the girl seemed to understand what he meant and kept nodding. The two men climbed on the horse like flying, and the tent was too late to clean up. Fang knew that he only had time to grab his sleeping bag and his big backpack, gave Ma Jia a whip, and hurried eastward. The branches of a big tree suddenly moved, and a black figure slowly stood up, fell on the branches together, and then turned down deftly. Yuehua? I didn't think there was such a thing in the world? With the addition of Bai Fengzhang on the body of the precious princess,Faux cherry blossom tree, two of the seven legendary anti-heaven Lingbao appeared. Master doesn't know how to be proud when he knows it. Come on, for the sake of the two babies, let's clean up their mess. The two fools thought they could escape the tracking of the world-famous Murong Zhou's Great Swallow Hunting Army? I don't know whether to call them naive or brainless. 。