Mili Movie Review 2022 | Cast and Songs

Mili Movie Review - A survival thriller story of an extraordinary girl who does not give up in difficult situations.


Jhanvi Kapoor and Manoj Pahwa's movie Mili has been released. Mili is a movie based on the thrill of survival. Mili belongs to a middle-class family and has big dreams. She lives with her father in Dehradun city. Mili wants to go to Canada to work to help her father financially. The actual story begins when one day while working in a restaurant she must get something from the cold storage and gets locked there. She is fighting to death in the cold storage.


The cast of the movie emerges as its strong side. Jhanvi Kapoor has appropriately expressed the feelings of Mili battling the cold through her eyes, lips, and body language. It is the ease of Manoj Pahwa's acting that he represents the middle-class father very well. The bond between father and daughter in the movie seems natural and emotional.


Mili Movie is a truly extraordinary story of an ordinary girl who gives the message of not giving up in difficult situations. Jhanvi’s performance in this movie is her best till date which makes this movie worth a watch. Mili is a movie made in the survival thriller genre that excites you at every turn.