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The first thing students look for after reaching Napier for higher education is the courses and campus they will be on.


The first thing students look for after reaching Napier for higher education is the courses and campus they will be on. They also look for online assignment help experts in Napier who can help them in their academic journey. However, academics should not be the only thing on your mind after visiting a new country. Dissertations or coursework help you to get a job. However, if you miss these experiences as students, you will never get back the lost time. So, make sure to visit these four places while you are in Napier –

  1. Bluff Hills

Be assured not to get “bluffed” by the Bluff Hills. It is one of the best tourist attractions of Napier. Although it takes a steep climb to get to the top of the Bluff Hills, the view from the top makes the hard climb worthwhile. You can let out your inner shutterbug and get awesome photos. This place takes you to the site of a World War II battery. You can pay your respects to the plaques of the fallen soldiers and also get an excellent view of the entire Napier city and Port of Napier.

  1. Hawke’s Bay Wineries

Napier, the hub of Hawke's Bay region, is the hotspot for several wineries. It is also the most popular winemaking region in entire New Zealand. So while you are there, make sure to visit this place at least once. Hawke’s Bay wineries are globally acclaimed, and it will be a sin not to taste it sitting among the vineyards.

You can find many local tour guides who conduct special tours to wineries. You can contact any of them or go by yourself by renting a bike or a car. However, it is better to go in groups. Since you will spend an entire day sipping wines, letting someone else drive you will be wise. This place is also considered one of the most romantic places in New Zealand.

  1. Napier Prison

Before you get shocked, let us clue you in. Napier Prison is unlike any other prison, and it is not operational anymore. Instead, the New Zealand government has turned it into one of the spookiest, scariest, yet funniest tourist attractions. You have to go alone on a self-guided tour inside New Zealand’s oldest prison essay help. All the tourists are provided with audio handsets which tell the stories about the old inmates and their cells. You can also dress up in inmate costumes and get hilarious photos for your memories.

  1. Marine Parade

If you want an idle weekend gateway in Napier, you can stroll along the Marine Parade. It is a long stretch full of beautiful statues, fountains, a beach, a marine aquarium, mini golf, etc. You can walk idly or go for a bike ride along this beautiful boulevard and spend a wonderful day.

These are four places in Napier that every student must visit during their stay

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