How to reset two-factor authentication in the Bitazza app?

In Thailand, Bitazza runs a regulated platform for managing digital assets.


How to reset two-factor authentication in the Bitazza app? In Thailand, Bitazza runs a regulated platform for managing digital assets. Bitazza makes it simple to access local financial and custodian services for digital assets. Along with this, it helps to make quick deposits, withdrawals, and conversions between local fiat, crypto assets, and fiat, all thanks to direct integrations with local financial institutions in each of the countries it operates in.

Bitazza is equipped with high-end security measures and allows you to enable 2FA as well to provide an additional layer of security to safeguard your account. 

Sometimes you may find yourself in trouble if you are bothered about what to do if your 2FA setup is not working or is accidentally removed. Well! It happens seldom and there is nothing to worry about because we are going to provide you proper guidance to reset 2FA in the Bitazza app.

Learn the way to reset two-factor authentication

We suggest you that never ignore security faults such as 2FA failure. In order to reset 2FA, all you have to do is just follow and implement the instructions outlined below in a proper manner.

  • Get ready with a pen, white paper, and an ID (passport or Thai ID card).
  • On the paper, write, RESET 2FA, your first and last name, the date, and your signature.
  • Take a clear picture of you carrying this paper and your ID, making sure the font and information are legible. 
  • Send the image using Live Chat or
  • After this, resetting of 2FA will proceed by the Bitazza team and you will get the confirmation mail in less than 3-7 business days.

Wait for a few days, and then your 2FA set-up will start working again. Yes, you have successfully reset your Bitazza account and now you can begin trading seamlessly.

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Final thought!

In the crypto industry, security is playing a crucial role all because of the continuous evolution of online thefts, hacking, malware and many more malicious activities. Whereas technology is getting modernized and security measures are getting tough to decrypt, cyber thefts are also climbing the charts. 

Thus, you have to be extra aware to protect your account. Being inattentive in the case of trading platforms may cause a bigger problem for you.

So, in case 2FA is not working properly in your Bitazza account or got removed by mistake, just follow the guidance given in this write-up and safeguard your Bitazza account from malicious activities.