7 Tips for Choosing Sterling Silver Chains

Are you looking for the perfect sterling silver necklace? Here are seven good tips for choosing your dream sterling silver necklaces.


The first known pieces of silver jewelry date back to ancient Turkey, around the 4th millennium BC. Since then, there have been times in history when it was the most valuable metal in the world. So do you know how silver can make you feel like a million bucks?

Luckily, when you're choosing necklaces, you have plenty of options. Read our guide to choosing sterling silver necklaces.


  1. Quality

When you think of quality, you should look at silver necklaces from two different angles. The first is their fashion appeal, and the second is their potential to increase in value over time.

First and foremost, you should choose high-quality silver for its appearance. It must have the vibrant luster for which it is famous. Light should reflect and bounce off the surface as it moves.

The higher the quality, the more it will increase in value over time. The value also depends on the quality of the metals added to it. Since silver is soft and malleable, it requires high quality materials in the alloy to prevent it from breaking and becoming damaged.

Sterling silver jewelry is a good benchmark for this. You can be sure that it will remain stable and retain its value for a lifetime.


  1. Measure your neck

Measuring your neck can help you avoid disappointment, especially if you buy online and can't try on the necklace. Due to the angle or shape of the model, the necklace may look different in the website pictures.

If you are buying a necklace with a pendant, measure your neck and add four inches. This should make the chain hang at a medium point around your upper chest. For hanging, long necklaces, add more.

If you are buying a choker style pendant, add about five inches. You don't want it to literally crush you, and you'll need to breathe and swallow while wearing it. When in doubt, opt for an adjustable chain to be ready for any eventuality.


  1. Think about your face shape

Many people only think about their face shape when buying glasses, but not men silver chains. However, the chain and pendant are closely related to your face shape and can help accentuate certain features.

If you have a long, narrow face, you should wear a necklace that is about forty to forty-five inches long. This will help soften the face. If you choose round pendants, you will also bring out the combination of shapes and angles.

Short necklaces and chokers should be avoided by people with a round face. They can exaggerate the shape of the face, so opt for longer, flowing necklaces.

On the other hand, you should do the opposite for heart-shaped faces. Short necklaces and chokers balance out the top of the head and the narrower chin. Finally, those with an oval face are the luckiest and can wear whatever they want.


  1. Think about the occasion

Don't forget the dress or outfit and the occasion you will wear it to. Even if you see a piece of clothing you like but don't have anything planned for it yet, you can think about how you want to wear it. You may see items and clothing that would go with it while shopping.

One tip is to save a photo of the jewelry piece on your phone. That way, when you go shopping, you can pair it with the corresponding outfit. If you already have the outfit, keep a photo of it when you buy jewelry.

When buying jewelry, also consider whether you want to wear it for casual or formal occasions. Some pieces can be worn for both occasions, but it's good to be prepared for all eventualities in your jewelry box.


  1. Length and width

Silver necklaces come in all shapes and sizes. There are long, heavy sterling silver jewelry to small, narrow necklaces. It all depends on how you want to look.


Small chains are naturally more prone to breaking if you catch them. However, when worn, they are almost invisible and neither uncomfortable nor do they hinder your freedom of movement.

Longer, thicker chains, of course, have a heavier weight. They can hinder you in performing tasks or get caught more easily. All of these factors should be taken into consideration when purchasing.

Of course, as the size and width of the chain increases, so does the price. Make sure you get what you pay for with larger chains and don't skimp on quality in favor of size.


  1. Choose good retailers

There are many suppliers of Sterling Silver Chains on the internet. However, the quality of products, service and price can vary drastically. Therefore, it is helpful to go to a trustworthy, reputable retailer.

Check the website for testimonials from customers. You can also check online to see if others have purchased from that retailer. There may be reviews that tell you how good the customer service is and how many stars it gets.

Find out the return policy for the items you purchase. Remember that many jewelry items cannot be returned for hygienic reasons. This is another reason to make sure you are buying the best possible merchandise.


  1. Don't be afraid to make a statement.

Everyone has seen a beautiful, eye-catching piece of jewelry and wondered if it matches their look. For the indecisive, that usually means going back to what they know. But jewelry should be an invitation to try something new.

Dramatic jewelry and statement pieces are currently in vogue. When in doubt, the trick is to pair flashy pieces with simple, understated outfits. For colorful, edgy fashions, go the other way around and use smaller, less flashy pieces.


Making the final decision on sterling silver necklaces

The final decision on which sterling silver necklaces to buy is up to you. Choose something that you love and value. It should be a piece that you will take out of your jewelry box and enjoy wearing.