Benefits of Sending your child to a Preschool

hi you guys , we are here today to talk to you about the transition from having your child be at home with you to entering into like a daycare or preschool situation and I'm doing this because I'm getting so many moms writing me who are like I'm having the worst time I dr


 how they think and how they process and what you can do if your toddler freaking out and she is our go-to person when it comes to these little people you're about to send your little one to school or daycare one of the first things that needs to happen is you mom or dad want to find the place you're gonna send your little one yeah and this needs to be a place that you feel is safe that you really trust the caretakers because the Educators that whoever's running the place because the handoff generally speaking is a bit emotional there are the kids who walk in and don't look back forever but for a lot of youi I imagine.

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it's because it's not that way for you yeah it's quite sad there have been many times that I've been the mom crying looking at my little one who's crying and looking at the preschool teacher like pleading with my eyes that they will take over the situation and reassure us both that it's going to be fine so find a place you love um is there anything that you would want to add to that or just good like what feels right inside yeah for sure um I think you I mean you have to tour like you've got to be there okay you want to meet the people like you need to feel the feeling of like whether this feels right for you guys ask how they're going to spend their time um find out like really what your little ones day is gonna look like what what are these hours gonna be filled with when you're not in there with them yeah that's really good additionally questions that I thought of actually after the fact it was like the questions that sprung on me while my little one was there is like how do they handle sleep what does nap time look like do they have nap time what if the baby or toddler resists sleep what's their process for that another one would be around food how do they do eating or snacking generally if you're touring the place they probably are going to talk to you about this.

 but if they don't then you ask directly another thing you could ask is how do they handle it if your little one is freaking out or having a meltdown or crying or fussing what's there what are their steps for helping the one the children be all right and um oh I don't know if discipline is the right word would discipline be the correct word or just like if you're little little one is acting out in some way how do they handle it are they a place who doesn't believe in the word no are they a place who you know there's going to be different strategies around how they do it how do they handle inter-trial conflict can often kind of get used to that space too yeah you can even say my little one tends to sometimes struggle with this kind of thing like how would you guys handle that because you're interviewing them yeah right like the school they're gonna ask you questions and want to like learn about your family as well. Also checkout: essay writing help in uae