How do I make a payment for my American Express card?

American Express login abbreviated as “Amex login” opens up ways to add strength to your financial stability and helps you in growing your monetary funds through its various services.


Whenever you receive a statement after 30 days, you are supposed to complete all the payments so that you can continue using your Amex card without any kind of hurdle. However, being a new Amex Login user comes with several challenges and one of them is making a payment for your credit card. So, whenever you get your card statement, you can follow the steps that are listed in the section below.

But, before I walk you through this process, I want you to be ready with your Amex login credentials because you will not be able to carry out any transaction or manage your card until you sign in to your Amex or American Express account.

In addition to that, you can also set up auto payments for paying monthly bills on your credit card. In that scenario, the payment would automatically get deducted from your account based on the given due date or the date you have selected manually.

Steps to make an Amex card payment 

If you are opting for one-time payment instead of setting up an automatic payment feature, then you can follow these steps to sign in and complete the task:

  1. Your first step here is to complete the Amex login process
  2. After signing in, please select the "Make a payment" option
  3. If you haven't linked a bank account yet, please do so
  4. Now, you can go ahead with making a payment
  5. Choose the amount that is required to be paid
  6. Select the date on which the payment has to be made
  7. Confirm your payment by taking the required actions and you're done

This way you can complete a one-time payment from your Amex Login account. For more information on this, please go to the official website or speak to the customer service team of American Express.


To never miss out on any important payment, you are recommended to opt for the auto-payment option. For using this feature, you just need to sign into your account, select a date on which you want the payment to be made, choose the amount for the same, and then you can hit the "Continue" button.

Please make sure that the payment method you have selected for making the payment is having enough amount in it to carry out the transaction. If your linked payment method does not have enough balance, then your automatic payment would get declined to cause you further trouble.