Good makeup tips to get in great makeup tutorials

Hi~ I am a koala who wants to become beautiful with you!
When girls reach the age of beauty, they will naturally pursue ways to make themselves beautiful, such as makeup. You don't have to wear makeup, but you can't do without makeup. Makeup is indeed one of the fastest and



There are veterans who are very good at makeup, and naturally there will be ignorant whites who know little about makeup, so today Koala will come and talk with sisters who are not very good at makeup, how to use the simplest way to easily and quickly create a daily outing Light makeup.
For novices in makeup, the steps of makeup tutorial should be subtracted to the greatest extent, not added. Many beauty bloggers have multiple layers of eyeshadow and multi-style makeup, which are very unfriendly to novices. This issue of Koala Let me tell you about makeup tutorial, beginners can also get started easily~This makeup tutorial is suitable for beginners.

Skin care before makeup
Skin care process: cleansing - skin care (water lotion, essence) - mask - (nothing can be omitted, this step is to make the skin as moist as possible without affecting the subsequent makeup) - sun protection (this step is required regardless of the seasons )-Isolation cream/makeup primer (the properties of these two things are the same, but they are called differently, so you can choose one of the two).It is the foundation of this makeup tutorial.

The first is facial cleansing, one is facial cleanser and the other is facial cleansing mousse. The former is solid and the latter is foam. Koala recommends that when using facial cleanser, make it into foam and then put it on the face, which is irritating to the skin. Relatively small, now there are many facial cleanser frothers on the Internet, very cheap, you can buy one.To have a good try about this good makeup tutorial.
Then there is lotion and toner. You may just slap it on your face with your hands. Koala suggests that you can use a special cotton pad to apply lotion, which will be cleaner.
After the hydration work is over, you can put on sunscreen. Sunscreen is to protect your skin from ultraviolet rays, and the primer is to enhance the use of the foundation and make the makeup more beautiful.

base makeup
Base makeup is the foundation of your entire makeup, and it is also a crucial step. This is the main factor that directly affects whether your makeup is clean and clear, so you must understand your own demands when choosing a base makeup product. Generally, the base makeup products that you can choose from are air cushion and liquid foundation.To get use of this useful makeup tutorial,you will become more charming.

Compared with liquid foundation, air cushion is more friendly to novices. In fact, the purpose of both is to even out your skin tone and adjust your complexion, while liquid foundation is more difficult to apply evenly. Feeling heavy or skinny or something.
So sisters can use the air cushion to put on the base makeup at the beginning, it will be better to create a clear and natural makeup, but the makeup and durability of the air cushion will definitely be slightly weaker than the liquid foundation. It is the good way to practice in our makeup tutorial.

eye makeup
For novice Xiaobai, eye makeup should be a headache for them. When buying an eyeshadow palette for the first time, don’t follow the trend to buy some online celebrity eyeshadow palettes. Honestly start with a basic 3-4 color earth Let's use a color eyeshadow palette, so that the eye makeup is not easy to put on, like being beaten by someone.

Try not to smudge the eye shadow with your hands, because it is easy to be smudged by you to give a dirty effect, buy two eye shadow brushes, a large eye shadow brush is used to dip the light color from the outer corner of the upper eyelid to the inner corner of the eye Smudge the eyelids, don't apply too wide, and then use the other to dip in a dark eyeshadow to deepen the end of the eye.