Flowers, dragons and phoenixes

After a long time,rapid sand filters, she suddenly came to her senses. On that pretty face, suddenly there was a color of ecstasy that could not be concealed. Brother Lin Dong, it's really you! Did you go back to Dongxuanyu?! I knew you would come back!


"When that emperor's broth comes back from his inspection tour in the south, it's time for him to return to the northern frontier. By the way, you can take Miss Liu to the north to have a look. If you can, I'm sure Lord Liu won't object to marry a good girl for her." Long Tianyun looked deep, staring at the third brother for a long time, with a smile of deep meaning; I'm afraid.. Tiannao can hardly get what he wants. Even if there is no official record of the fact that he was lucky to come to Liu Jiyou, it is indisputable that she has become his real imperial concubine. No one! No one can marry the emperor's lucky imperial concubine, even if he is no longer lucky to her, not to mention-he does not want to struggle with the fact that he still wants her! Never set foot in the weaving yard again, only made the desire more intense; he still wanted her! "Stand down!"! Tell them to get ready. I'm leaving. "Obey the decree." Long Tiannao bowed down. Long Tianyun kept the same sitting posture, put away the folding fan, and called out in a low voice: "Yan Ben." A dark shadow flashed in from the window and knelt down with one leg bent to wait for the decree. I'm here. "I want to see Liu Jiyou when I get on the bus." "Yes." The shadow disappeared again in a flash. Long Tianyun stood up with a smile and asked Jiang Xi, who was waiting on him, to put on his cloak, put on his clothes, and stride out. Liu Jiyou had a splitting headache and woke up feebly. Where is she? The last memory before the coma was that she and the girls were trapped in the last pile of books, just to ask the two girls to pack their clothes, but suddenly fell into a black and sweet village, everything was unknown. When I opened my eyes, I saw a golden octagonal tent with a golden dragon totem and gorgeous jewelry. And the feeling of shaking told her that she was in the carriage. Are you awake? A deep voice came from the right side. Yah!? Lifting herself up, she saw the emperor dressed up in a dragon robe and an imperial crown, and the formal clothes set off his regal momentum to such an extent that people dared not look at him. The emperor Liu Jiyou intuitively pushed his body back against the body of the sedan chair and looked at him in the limited space. How could she be here? Long Tianyun smiled in a good mood. No matter how far she hid, she was within his easy reach. So he smiled leisurely and contented. He only had to move a little, and they were close again. He held her smooth little chin lightly: "You should be honored that my carriage has never even taken the dead Empress Liu." "Why am I here?" "Keren, because I suddenly feel that it's lonely to go south alone,filter nozzle, why not find someone to accompany me?" When the king went on a tour of inspection, it was not without examples of taking his concubines with him, but, in fact, if possible, the monarch should not like someone to go with him, which hindered his pleasure in seeking Fang! What's more, it's a beautiful woman, but it's her, so we have to doubt the emperor's intentions. Why me? Today was the day when I left the palace. By the way, I was captured, and the three princes -- She gradually strung together all the fragments, Rotating sludge scraper ,disc air diffuser, thinking more, but was interrupted by Long Tianyun: "Jiyou, my talent, don't you understand that once a woman is favored by the monarch, she can't leave the palace for life?"? As for asking you to accompany me on the southern tour, I thought it would be much more interesting. By the way, I can think about how to arrange you. She would never run away from him in this life, whether he would come to her again or not. He leisurely watched her face change slightly, although it was rather hurtful not to be ecstatic, but to catch her, to erase her expression that everything was under control, to watch her panic was quite gratifying. Yes, if he asked himself for the thousandth time why he wanted someone to take her with him, the answer would be this-he wanted the woman who didn't care about him to be flustered and helpless, and then finally submit to him as the God of heaven and earth, just like all the women in the world. It is the hunting nature of any man's savage nature, and it demands absolute conquest. Therefore, Long Tianyun did not think he had any affection for her, because her appearance was not enough for him to fall in love with her. His vision has always been very high, everything, just for the conquest of pure men, is also his leisure time game, and he controls all the situation; once the process of subjugating her is completed, Liu Jiyou is only one of his many concubines who are out of favor. It was his explanation for his actions, and he believed it. Don't let her out of the palace? Liu Jiyou was petrified by this sentence. Your Majesty, didn't you promise the three princes to let me out of the palace? "I have gone back on my word." He responded briskly, and the person also deceived in front of her, and the imperial robe and crown did not match, is that shameless and naughty handsome face, he is determined to act shamelessly. She gasped. If she could not restrain his behavior in his capacity, how could she gain the upper hand in the confrontation and prevent him from doing whatever he wanted to do? "What do you want?" She asked, holding her breath. I want- "he lifted her chin with a finger and smiled wickedly." After this month is over. Let's see what arrangements you deserve me to make. She took several deep breaths, tried to calm down, put her hands on her beating heart, and did not let her panic show too much: "How about a good arrangement?"? What about a bad arrangement? How to define it? He narrowed his eyes and snorted: "Perhaps I should first ask you how you define it." I almost forgot that the woman had always expressed her disdain for any status or honor he had given her. Civilian women dare not. She murmured softly, trying not to start, flashing his burning gaze, but his fingers firmly and persistently pinched her chin, not to let her take advantage of it. A civilian girl. Only Humbly expecting the emperor's good arrangement means that the civilian women will eventually be released from the palace. He interrupted her: "You can't marry anyone else!" "No, not to leave the palace for marriage, but to become a nun,rotary vacuum disc filters, or to be sent home for a lifetime without marriage." If the emperor can make such an arrangement, then the civilian women will serve the emperor wholeheartedly in this month, with a view to. The body of freedom in the future. She quivered with bold words that made all irreverence look pitiful. Long Tianyun let go of her with a cold look. The mood suddenly turned bad: "Then let me see to what extent you can serve with all your heart!" 。