It's all the fault of being garrulous.

After a long time,rapid sand filters, she suddenly came to her senses. On that pretty face, suddenly there was a color of ecstasy that could not be concealed. Brother Lin Dong, it's really you! Did you go back to Dongxuanyu?! I knew you would come back!


Su Ye turned over the book cover, and I saw a few striking characters- "XX Decryption Dream of Red Mansions". I couldn't help laughing. "Why do you still read such rubbish books?" "Rubbish books?"? Are the four masterpieces also rubbish books? You try to write a book, "Su Ye looked surprised." I am not saying that a Dream of Red Mansions is rubbish, but that if the words "XX Decryption" are added in front of a Dream of Red Mansions, the book will become rubbish and worthless. "What do you mean?" I don't know if it was because I read the book, but Su Ye also spoke in a literary way. You see, first of all, you have to admit that a Dream of Red Mansions is indeed the most wonderful book in ancient and modern times. The local conditions and customs described in it are true so far. There is no book like it, and it does satirize the past and criticize the present. And there are some specific layout, foreshadowing, organs and so on, but Cao Xueqin did. It is a talent, it has a lot of plot layout, foreshadowing settings are very clever, and some of the description is simply a stroke of genius. But he is not a genius. How can you set up a mechanism in every sentence? Don't you have to work yourself to death to write a book like this? Then he has not read it for ten years and added and deleted it five times. It is estimated that the Olympic Games are over. I haven't finished the book yet. And according to this, when Jiao Da cursed the Jia family, he said, 'Those who pick up ashes pick up ashes, and those who raise brothers-in-law raise brothers-in-law.' Is there anything special about this? The meaning of? Right Su Ye nods: "Listen to you to say so as if also quite reasonable, did not see before,multi disc screw press, continue." I licked my lips and continued to educate Su Ye in the humanities: "Cao Xueqin is not a genius, or he would not be cold and cold, and no one would care if he died, right?"? He He is only a talented person, so there are several ingenious organs in the book. It's a little hard for him to do too much. Found that this statement does not seem to be able to make Su Ye Convinced, I continued, "It seems that you are still a little incredulous."? Brother, I will share my research results with you today. I was going to bring it. I wrote a paper and published it in an academic journal. Now it's cheap for you. "Che,fine bubble diffuser, I'm not willing to listen to you whether you like to say or not!" Su Ye turned his head and continued to read. I saw a girl in front of me listening attentively to my gossip, more attentively than listening to the teacher's lecture, I immediately came to the energy, ready to play their own play. Smiling, I grabbed Su Ye and whispered to him, "It's over right away. If you don't listen, it's disrespectful to me. Be careful that I shake out your romantic past." Come here Su Ye looked helpless: "How can I know you this rascal?"? Please continue, old man. Then he put on a show of listening. I nodded with satisfaction: "Children can be taught.". Don't mention the gossip. It is said that a Dream of Red Mansions was written during the reign of Emperor Qianlong. There were many famous gifted scholars at that time, right? Ji Yun yuan Mei Wang Erlie, Ji Yun, I'm afraid you don't know who it is? I gave a narrow smile. Isn't it Ji Xiaolan? I don't know you bullied your brother? "Why, do you know?"? It's incredible. It's incredible. I was going to give you literacy, but now it seems to save me time. By the way, it was just then The son is numerous, disc air diffuser ,fine bubble diffuser, but also did not see which gifted scholar can find out like now those people say so many organs? Can not be found in the historical environment at that time, now calendar There are so many historical and archaeological dating phenomena. Can you decipher a fart? Do you still travel back in time and space to play two rounds of mahjong with Cao Xueqin? By the way, Two sentences? Do you think it's a story of seeking Qin! In my opinion, these people are pure nonsense, do not charge them with misleading children, but also let them publish books, rely on! Chen Siming was sleeping on the table, but he was awakened by my earth-shaking word "rely on". He said sleepily, "What's wrong?" I waved my hand and said, "You sleep. It's none of your business. We are doing pure academic research. The discussion is too intense and wakes you up." "Still sleep," Chen Siming said with a Tianjin accent. "That guy on the platform is so noisy that I can't sleep well. ” "Comrade, then you can join us in the discussion, and we will welcome you with open hands and wings." I say. Christmas is coming soon, and since all three of us were in the student union at that time, we are busy now. At that time, looking at the introduction of the Outreach Department of the Student Union, I They all entered the outreach together, because there was one thing on its introduction that made the three of us palpitate: "We can organize friendship activities with students from other schools." Because Opposite us is politics and law, which is known as beautiful women like clouds, so when we linked these two things, we did not hesitate to extend our hands to the Outreach Department. After the so-called examination, the three of us entered the outreach without any danger. But when we came in, we realized that the gap between ideal and reality not only existed, but also existed. Unexpected and unreachable, all three of us were disappointed and sighed at the injustice of fate. Not to mention the friendship with students from other schools, there is no communication with students from our school. Yes, there are always endless meetings, and after the meeting, we assign work, so that we can go out in groups to get sponsorship, distribute leaflets and set up stalls. The three of us were unmoved by the fact that many people had explained their determination to quit to the minister after several boring meetings. Because when we entered the student union, we still hugged each other. There is a shady purpose, that is, to get an official position here, so we chose the college student union with relatively less pressure, and now there is no purpose. Reach, how can we back down? We are eager for everyone to quit, leaving only the three of us, and the positions of minister and deputy minister will fall on our heads anyway. Suo So at the end of the meeting, we always wonder, "Why didn't anyone quit today?" For this reason, the work ordered from above has to be done. Since the beginning of school, the three of us have brought in two hundred yuan of sponsorship, and for this two hundred yuan. The money is still working hard for three or four days, so we decided to do a big job this time,Lamella Plate Settler, how to get two or three thousand back, let them sit up and take notice, so as to get that for us. Lay the foundation for an official position. The sixth chapter of the main text is sponsorship (middle).