best testosterone booster supplement

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If they're legit, and your T-levels are genuinely low, then yes. best testosterone booster supplement  have seen them work for people," says GP and hormonal therapy expert at Omniya London, Dr So here Roked. "I think sometimes people feel that it's not a good thing to do or they're just wasting their time taking them, but I have seen people who combine that with a good diet and exercise and have noticed a change in their physique, their energy, their mood and the sort of things that testosterone would naturally help."


There's science behind the  best testosterone booster supplement  too. Researchers from the Shanghai University of Sport monitored 15 male boxers during three weeks of high-intensity training and three weeks of high-volume training sessions, separated by four weeks of rest. Half the group were given 1250mg TT. Those taking the extracts significantly alleviated muscle damage and boosted their anaerobic performance.