Get Effective Lip Enhancement in Delhi At Aestive

Dr. Mrinalini Sharma offers Lip reduction & enhancement treatment at Aestiva Clinic to enhance the volume and shape of the lips using artificial fillers. Schedule your appointment right away.


Beautifully formed and proportioned lips complement face features and increase a person's attractiveness. However, a person with uneven lips could occasionally consider lip augmentation surgery for cosmetic purposes. This surgery is also an option for individuals who have congenital lip malformations including lip cleft lip abnormalities as a result of accidents. The best Lip Enhancement in Delhi is carried out at the Aestiva Clinic by renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Mrinalini Sharma. In lip augmentation operations, dermal fillers or silicone implants are used to give the lips a fuller and plumper appearance. It just needs to be done once and yields long-lasting results. To find out more information about the procedure and benefits of lip enhancement, visit Aestiva Clinic.