Five common reasons for erectile dysfunction

Men can deal impotence problem by avoid five things from their daily life.


In this modern world, millions of health issues in this world, each and every health issue arise in a people's life due to so many reasons. In this article, we will see in depth about the five main reasons for the erectile dysfunction problem. Few men are boosting their relationship power using kamagra 100mg tablets, but avoiding five common things will surely help to eliminate ED problems very easily.  

Five common things main 

  1. Lack of workouts 

Doing workouts will surely give good results in men's relationship life, but many men are avoiding workouts in their daily life. This will encourage ED problems. Doing simple workouts like playing games, reading books, drawing etc will surely activate the whole body.

  1. Medications 

Some medicine products interfere with normal blood flow to men's reproductive organs( penis). As per a recent analysis, the vast majority of men suffering from erectile dysfunction(ED) or impotence have this problem owing to a medication they take for another medical issue.

Erectile Dysfunction(ED) is among the reasons why several men also stop taking their medicine, especially overdose for serious health issues like depression or blood pressure. Some of the medications that can result in the problem of ED contain Cancer chemotherapy, tranquilizers, hormonal medicines for curing prostate cancer, ulcer treatment medicine, medicine for psychiatric conditions, etc.

  1. Age

Numerous medical studies have pointed out that erectile dysfunction(ED) or impotence problems increase from 5% to 15% in males as they enter their 50’s. However, including some yoga poses for impotence can help you maintain good physical and mental health even in old age.

  1. Depression

Occasionally, men frequently experience a lot of depression or anxiety simply concerning their sexual performance and that inhibits their ability to achieve an erection; this will directly hit their relationship performance with their partner. It may happen due to a wrong sexual encounter in the past, or even a preceding episode of erectile dysfunction(ED) problem.

  1. Food diet

Following a healthy food diet will surely make the men's relationship life happy, few men are not following healthy food diets. They are following bad food diets or oil rich food items. This will surely encourage male impotence problems.


The above mentioned five common things hit relationship performance in men's life. Men can easily overcome relationship problems following some treatments such as medicine treatment, non-medicine treatment and natural remedies. All these three  treatments make men's relationship life happy. But men should also check up on their body health with their family doctor or health care expert.