How to better participate in New World Turkulon Event

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The Turkey Terror Event has returned to the New World on November 16th and runs until December 6th. Veteran players may already be participating and getting their loot. The difference from before is that a huge turkey, Turkulon, has been added to this year's new world. It is best not to fight alone, but to defeat it with two or more players, Greater chance of getting seasonal items.

New World's Turkey Terror returns to the game every November, and the giant turkey with laser eyes now respawns faster and offers more loot than last year. Both the Common Turkey and the Turkulon will reward players who defeat them with different loot during the event. For old players, of course, you will not miss this huge turkey, and you must continue to accumulate New World Coins.

New World All Turkulon Event Rewards

Common turkeys give players a chance to acquire several different items. Turkey Terrkey Terrkeys also can drop Turkulon's Claw Skinning Knife, which can be used to skin a turkey for more exclusive loot. Each common turkey has a 10% chance of dropping a knife, but some bonus items appear in the daily limit, which resets with the new world server after 5 am local time.

During the Turkulon event, the Turkey Terror Boss location in the new world alternates between several different spawn points on the map. Players can team up with their friends, faction, or other adventurers to take down the level 66 feathered demon Turkulon and claim their rewards. Players must deal a minimum amount of damage to receive rewards, making sure to get all of Turkulon's rewards after killing the beast 15 times.

The Turkey Terror Event also gives regular turkeys a chance to drop special loot, including the Turkulon’s Claw Skinning Knife. This knife can be used to skin turkeys, providing even more exclusive loot for players who team up with New World friends or factions to defeat Turkulon. Whether players want to slay a common turkey or hunt a giant Turkulon, they can earn a lot of rewards during the event.

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