How to open a SWF file

This guide explains what a .SWF file is and the different ways to open it on a Mac using a .swf file player and Chrome. You will also learn how to edit and convert SWF files


Sometimes while surfing your system, you might have come across files with .swf extension. Alternatively, you could have tried to open it but failed. This is because you need to enable Adobe Flash in your browser, or you need specific software to open such files. Enabling Flash usually solves the problem, but it can be risky.

To open the SWF file, you can use VLC or Adobe's hidden Flash player, which developers often use. You can also convert and edit them. But before that, we'll tell you how to open a SWF file. But let's first understand what it is?

What is a SWF file?

SWF is pronounced Swiff, the file extension means it is a Shockwave Flash Movie file created by Adobe. These are animation files that usually contain interactive text and graphics and are used for online games.

Some Adobe products also create SWF files. But sometimes several non-Adobe programs also produce such files. It is also called a small web format because it can include video, audio, and animations that are compressed to make them easier to share online. Windows will not automatically play the SWF file because Flash is stopped.

How to open SWF files with a SWF player
Follow the steps below:

Install the SWF player on your device.
Open the program and click on local files.
Find the file you want to open and select it.
Tap it to play.
During playback, press the back button to open the on-screen controls.

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