Best PrestaShop Features For eCommerce Web Development

The eCommerce development market is running fast and creating tough competition. Due to this scenario, there are many online store development platforms are available in the market. But some are become successful to make their present such as PrestaShop.


We go further about PrestaShop lets know first What is PrestaShop and how it helps to grow an eCommerce web development?


What is PrestaShop?

PrestaShop is one of the popular open-source eCommerce web development platforms supported by PHP programming language and enables payment gateways and other online store functionality with their PrestaShop Modules.


Here are some best features of PrestaShop


1. Flexibility

PrestaShop eCommerce offers an easy-to-manage back-end development. Developers can generate an invoice or upload items fast and efficiently, Also, owners can check visual sales statistics, customer activity, and other functions.  


2. Support Multiple Payment Gateway

PrestaShop is support multiple payment gateway options, also with third-party options. PrestaShop support much popular payment gateway such as Amazon Pay, WorldPay, PayPal, and more.


3. Customisation

If your want to have a custom build online store? PrestaShop is the right choice for that. PrestaShop enables developers to customize the front-end as well as back-end development which makes every PrestaShop eCommerce website fully customized.


4. IP-based eCommerce store

PrestaShop eCommerce enables to build of an IP-based eCommerce store that offers to present products, discounts, prices, and offers on a location-based. These features enable eCommerce store owners to do business in different countries through their eCommerce websites.


5. Performance and Scalability

PrestaShop eCommerce store is a well-optimized collaborative with servers that make a complete customized online store as per requirement. This feature makes PrestaShop eCommerce a fully scalable, and performance-oriented eCommerce web development solution.


6. Community

PrestaShop Community known as “WeCommerce” is a community platform of individuals working with the PrestaShop software and sharing many tips, tutorials, technical help, and also their experience. That offers quick help and support. 


Bottom line

PrestaShop is one of the advantageous platforms for eCommerce store development. If you are looking for a scalable, customized eCommerce development service? Hire a PrestaShop development company that helps meet your business with the best eCommerce web development solutions per your requirement.