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Healthy skin and hair reflect one’s inner health status.


However, many people experience skin or hair concerns that affect their aesthetics and distress them, thereby lowering their self-confidence and esteem. In such cases, it's recommended to invest in skin and hair care and radiate an aura of health and beauty for a lifetime. That’s possible by choosing the best clinic and the expert doctor.

Citrine Clinic is one of the best skin clinic in Gurgaon offering dermatological consultations, dermato-surgical procedures, and various skin-related medical treatments as well as a wide range of aesthetic skin care services at affordable rates.

Our mission and vision are to provide clients with smooth, supple, and disease-free skin; top-quality care with state-of-the-art technologies, and result-oriented skin treatments. We believe in providing medical care in a comfortable, hygienic, and friendly environment, understanding every patient’s concern in-depth, offering medically proven individualized treatment options best suited to the patient, and forging a bond of mutual respect and trust by maintaining transparency at all levels.

Our clinic has the latest equipment and best staff and this is coupled with the expertise of Dr. Niti Gaur - an eminent dermatologist in Gurgaon at Citrine Clinic with the finest education and rich experience of decades, who is acknowledged as the most trusted and best dermatologist in Gurgaon by her patients. This makes Citrine Clinic, a patient’s best choice to avail dermatological care that they truly deserve.

We, at Citrine Clinic, offer advanced, long-lasting, 360-degree solutions and therapies to meet the needs of all our patients. We help patients achieve their aesthetic goals by first understanding the root cause of skin and hair issues and then providing remedial measures accordingly. Whether one has a birthmark or small pimple, requires skin rejuvenation treatment, or needs solutions for skin diseases/infections/allergies, our team of highly qualified and experienced dermatologists at Citrine Clinic ensures that the patients receive the world-class, most-accurate, proven, safe, and effective treatments to tackle their problems with the help of advanced techniques and cutting-edge technologies.

We provide holistic treatments that include dietary and lifestyle changes, along with a good skincare regime. Prescription treatments are recommended by our skin experts only on a need basis for special cases.

The services offered by our skin experts include:

  • General dermatology: Offer diagnostic and therapeutic services for skin allergy, hair fall, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, hyperhidrosis, acanthosis nigricans, skin infections, acne, and pigmentation issues like melasma, freckles, and vitiligo
  • Anti-aging: Such as anti-wrinkle injections, Vampire facelifts, anti-aging lasers, thread lift, anti-aging chemical peels, fillers, growth factor hair therapy, and MNRF skin tightening
  • Hair care (for hair fall/ hair loss): mesotherapy, Grofactor therapy, Growth factor concentrate therapy, micro-needling/ derma roller, low-level laser therapy, and hair transplantation.
  • Dermatosurgery: Scar Revision Surgery, Earlobe surgery, Undesirable skin growth removal, Electrosurgery, Non-Surgical facelift.
  • Cosmetic/ Aesthetic dermatology: Carbon laser peels, laser toning, laser hair reduction, Photofacial, Mesotherapy, Microdermabrasion, Rf Microneedling, and HydraFacial.

Wish to address your skin and hair-related concerns in Gurgaon? Discover expert treatment with Dr. Niti Gaur at Citrine Clinic for flawless skin and healthy hair!

Book an appointment at Citrine Clinic, and you will get the top standards of services in a luxurious, serene space.