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3 × Symbol 600 Puffs + 1× Iget legend 4000 puffs

  1. This bundle incorporates three dispensable Symbol gadgets with 600+ puffs and one (1) expendable iget legend gadget with 4000+ puffs.
  2. One (1) independently stuffed IGET LEGEND 4000 puffs and three (3) Symbol 600 puffs in a solitary box bundling.
  3. For Symbol 600 puffs and IGET LEGEND 4000 puffs, individually, you will get any irregular one particular flavor.
  4. It is versatile and lightweight, and the sparkling vape skin with confounding gold string makes you stand outfrom the group.


3 Iget Expendable Goat Gadget (irregular flavor), Iget Bar Dispensable Gadget, number 1 (arbitrary flavor), your picked irregular flavors will accompany a sum of 18500 puffs in this bundle.

Elements of the combo pack include:

1 free IGET BAR with 3500 puffs;

a huge limit of all out puffs of 18500 puffs at this low cost;

what's sans more standard delivery is furnished with this incredible combo bargain from Ivapeman.

assuming that you request aimlessly, you could get up to 4 unmistakable flavors in this combo.


This IGET new year streak deal is disclosed by IVAPEMAN: At the cost of three IGET BAR 3500 Puffs, you will get four premium vapes. You are free to pick any flavors for the 4 IGET BAR 3500 Puffs.

Since it is moderately estimated, the iget bars is an ideal choice for people on a limited spending plan. It contains a battery duration Drove sign and a USB charging port, so one may continuously know when to re-energize the dispensable vape. Browse an assortment of fruity, light IGET Bar enhances, and get 3500 puffs to last you the whole week and when you utilize this vape we can say that you won't lament.

This exceptional IGET VAPE product offering, IGET Bar 3500 puffs dispensable vape, is accessible for everybody from amateur to experienced vapers. You will have an entirely different vaping experience thanks to the gadget's very enduring battery duration, lightweight, minuscule, and painstakingly built body.

Elements of this 3 combo incorporate a free IGET BAR 3500 Puffs:

Free transportation is accessible;

Pick your own favored flavors in your request, and appreciate up to 4 particular flavors in this combo;

Enormous limit of absolute puffs of 14000 puffs at this modest valuing.