Here’s how to make the Robinhood login process more secure

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It’s very important to be cautious while performing any online activities and when it comes to online trade and investment then one needs to set up certain security walls which restrict your account from getting involved in any suspicious activities.

So, here in this read, we will be learning the ways of how to enhance the security of the Robinhood login process, we will first have a quick check at what Robinhood is all about. 

A quick peep into the Robinhood

Robinhood act as a broker that helps potential investors to carry out operation relating to investments and cryptocurrencies. Founded in April 2013, it is an American financial services company, engaged in facilitating commission-free trades of cryptocurrencies, exchange-traded funds, and free stocks. 

It is also an active member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FIRA). The company is passionate to democratize finance for all its investors. The company works on the path to uphold its values and for this, security is placed at utmost priority.

So, let’s check how can we set up the boundaries of securities on our own.

2FA: simplest way to build security walls

You might know about 2 Factor Authentication, popularly known as 2FA. It is considered the easiest way of securing your Robinhood login process and its activities. What you’ll have to do is simply enable the 2FA for your account. Enabling this security layer will notify you when you are trying to login into your account and ask for an additional security code sent on your device via an SMS. 

Well, there are some ways through which you can enable the 2FA and they are as follows:

  • Through an Authenticator app
  • Through SMS
  • Through device approval

In this read, we will learn the steps of how to enable 2FA using an authenticator app. For this, get a Google authenticator app, Duo mobile app, Microsoft Authenticator, or Authy on your mobile devices. Once you have downloaded and installed any one of the listed apps, check out the steps to enable the 2FA in the next section.

Steps to enable the 2FA for Robinhood login activities

  1. Choose “Account”
  2. Hit on “three horizontal lines (Menu)” or “Settings”
  3. Tap on “Security Privacy”
  4. Choose “Two-Factor Authentication”
  5. Select the authenticator app you are using
  6. Hit on “Open App”
  7. Now, proceed ahead to add Robinhood 
  8. A code will be then generated by the authenticator app, copy it
  9. Paste the copied code into the Robinhood app
  10. Bang on “Continue” to complete the process

NOTE: Keep the received code somewhere safe, as it will help you in backing up your account in case you ever lost access to your device.

Final Take!!

You can also improve the security of Robinhood login activities by enabling SMS or with device approvals. It should be also noted that in case you ever lost your device then the backup code will help you.