Ethical topics to write about

A research proposal can be an academic paper that requires students to propose an issue to a review board.



 This means that the student must undertake considerable research pay to do essays to justify their perspective and claim the actual discovery. For this document to be considered effective, it has to follow the following structure:


The title indicates the first thing the review board will read about the document. Therefore, it is essential to choose an appropriate topic that is exciting to you. You don’t want to make the reader assume that it is something that has been researched before. Just like a research proposal, it needs to be experimental and relevant.

Avoid using obvious keywords as they might tend to put off the readers. The main reason for this is that your title should be simple and not too noticeable. Besides, the nature of the subject might determine the considerations made before settling on the chosen topic.


This section provides a summary of the ethically correct issues to be addressed. When creating an abstract, it is also important to write it after completing the whole of the proposal. It plays the role of a communication conduit, which helps you convince the reviewers of the need to go through the rest of the paper. Just like the introduction segment, it should be short and precise.


This part includes the literature review section that includes literature that establishes an argument for the research proposal. To create an ethically sound introduction, you must establish the importance of the current research area under research. To do so, you have to conduct preliminary research on the topic. Later on, you will evaluate the results and decide on whether to continue with the research or develop an new topic.

A key point to consider when doing the introduction is capturing the thesis statement. For it to be considered effective, it should be brief and straight to the point. Since the abstract intends to act as a direction for the study, it should be interesting to attract the reviewers’ interest.

Literature Review

In this section of the paper, you are expected to provide an identification of recent literature sources that adds to your existing knowledge. After researching for a while, you will have to invent your methodology. This section should uniquely Carriers any claims that you make in the study. Reviews that are not impressive should be excised as they can cost you a lot of marks. Besides, yourEthical topic should be realistic, which makes the findings reasonable and useful.

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