Legend of Pity Mirror (1 female n male version upper part) by snowston2]

I picked up his face and wiped the blood from his mouth. I asked him softly, "Does it hurt?" Lan Ba turned his face away from me. Maybe he felt guilty. Lan, why do you bother? I forced his face on me.


"Se Se is the princess of the king." "No, she is my imperial concubine." "It's the princess of the king." "It's my imperial concubine." These two people argued for more than ten minutes and then repeated this sentence. Can you say something else? Besides, none of you carried eight people to marry me. When did I become a'princess' and an'imperial concubine '? Fortunately, Haoren was not here, otherwise, he would have said, "Se Se is my Shanzhai wife." Just then, the words rang at the right time, and Haoren said it very cooperatively. Don't argue. Se Se is my fake wife. Haoren joined the tug-of-war, but my left and right hands were pulled, so Haoren hugged my body, or Haoren was smart enough to know which part was the most important. Just as I was thinking about it, the three of them said in unison, "Rustle, don't pretend to be dizzy. Say, who is your husband?" I knew it was useless to pretend to be dizzy, but it was too embarrassing to wake up like this,Wall Penstocks, so I pretended to fan my long eyelashes, opened my eyes leisurely, and faced three people with the expression of "you give me a good answer". You let go of me first, I am almost decomposed by you. Three people hurriedly let go of me, I moved my limbs, and found myself intact. It seems that I was so lucky that I fell off the cliff and was saved. Where's Wanda? I looked around at the people who didn't see him and asked. After he pushed you down,fine bubble diffuser, he jumped down with you, and I guess he was crushed to pieces. Xiang said. Is it? Fortunately, he didn't become the object of his burial. I clapped my chest and sighed. Rustle, I miss you so much. Haoren hugged me and kissed me on the face. Xiang and Lan beat Haoren away together. I was startled. These two people were not joking. I ran to Haoren to see if he was still alive. Ho-in, are you all right? Are you still alive? I picked up Haoren's upper body. He smiled at me and said, "It's all right. I can't die.". Rustle, you know what? It really scared me to death just now. Haoren's amazing face is full of care. Haoren, you are the one. I'm worried to death these days. Let me see if there is any injury. Well, it looks fine. It's not getting thinner. You don't have any meat on your body. Have you eaten well and slept well during this period? I touched Haoren here and there. Haoren blushed. I haven't seen him for a month. He blushed so beautifully that I couldn't help nibbling hard on his red lips. But it was this stealing incense that made Xiang and Lan's head smoke. So, Xiao Shou is the most popular at some time. You see, Hao Ren definitely looks like Xiao Shou in front of me. What about you two? "Rustling." Xiang pulled me up. Haoren fell to the ground because of the sudden disappearance of my support. Poor Haoren, why are you always bullied? Is he the Haoren you said? Xiang looked at me, disc air diffuser ,MBR reactor, I nodded tremblingly, and the situation I was worried about finally happened. Originally I only thought of Haoren and Xiang's meeting, but now I didn't expect Lian Lan to come, dizzy. Ha ha, everyone is here. Come on, four of us are at the same table. At this time, I have no other way but to play dumb. Rustle, have you changed your mind? It was Lan who spoke. I looked at him. He looked sad. I couldn't bear it. I was about to reach out to comfort him when Haoren suddenly jumped up and said, "Rustling, he is the murderer who burned our stronghold!" Haoren's sudden words made my hands freeze in the air. Yes, I almost forgot this. After I separated from you and brother Bai, I went back to the Stronghold to have a look at the scene. But when I was thinking about where the fire came from, Ahu suddenly attacked me. Fortunately, I reacted quickly and subdued Ahu. I wanted to ask him why he attacked me, but Ahu bit his tongue and committed suicide. When I was at a loss, a man with a white mask appeared in front of me. He said to me, The person who set fire to the Stronghold was Feng Lin Lan. This Ah Hu was a spy sent by Feng Lin Lan five years ago. His purpose was to lurk around me and wait for an opportunity to kill me, because I was the husband candidate of Destiny's Child. Following this clue, I went to Fenglin country. After following Fenglin Lan, I was injured by Fenglin Lan. Fortunately, I was saved. I learned that Fenglin Lan came to Tianling to seize you, so I hurried here. Haoren finished in one breath. After listening to these words, I shouted excitedly: "Lan, is it true?"? Did you really do it? Lan looked at me and did not speak. "Why?"? Why would you do such a thing? That's more than two hundred lives! "Because I want you, you know, since I was a child, I knew that one day I would meet Destiny's Child. When you came into this world, that day was the happiest day in my life. I believe that it was God's arrangement to let you come to my house and my eyes. I love you. But I love you so deeply that you don't belong to me alone. You have six husband candidates." I can't stand this kind of thing, so I decided to kill all these people and let you belong to me alone from now on. With a murderous look in her eyes, she brandished her sword at Xiang. Xiang pushed me away. I was caught by Haoren. Xiang also pulled out his sword and fought with Lan. I was in a hurry. Lan's love made me feel heavy. But he did these things because of me. I couldn't hate him. Xiang and Lan were neck and neck. When they saw that the sword could not be distinguished, they fought with their bare hands. They began to fight with swords again. After many moves back and forth, the two of them couldn't tell the difference. When I saw that both of them were tired, I said to Haoren, "Haoren, go and stop them. It's not the way to fight like this." Haoren heard my words, then joined the two-man war, because Haoren and Lan have an implacable enmity, so the move is aimed at Lan, Lan is obviously not as good as Haoren and Xiang's joint efforts,Belt Filter Press, and soon was suppressed. I walked up to them and knelt down to look at Lan. I hadn't seen him for some time. He was haggard and his beautiful face was thinner than before. I picked up his face and wiped the blood from his mouth. I asked him softly, "Does it hurt?" Lan Ba turned his face away from me. Maybe he felt guilty. Lan, why do you bother? I forced his face on me. khnwatertreatment.com