Here Are The 6 Best Alternative To ClickBank

ClickBank was the top one in the digital products market for quite a while.


ClickBank was the top one in the digital products market for quite a while.

In any case, times have changed.

And your needs as an affiliate can change too.

For the average affiliate, ClickBank just doesn't have the same variety of offers it once had.

So… what gives?

One issue is there are currently different platforms out there straightforwardly competing with ClickBank.

Maybe it's an opportunity to spread your wings and look at what ClickBank alternatives there are.

Here is just a couple to consider the best alternative to ClickBank.

And in addition to a long list of affiliate networks that are not the slightest bit related to ClickBank or what they do.

  1.     JVZoo

JVZoo is the same as ClickBank in that you'll just find digital products in their 'Marketplace'.

In any case, they're different from ClickBank because every product you'll find there is for a singular audience - affiliate marketers.

So while they could have 'Health' and 'Self Improvement' categories these are PLR (Private Label Rights) article packs destined to be unloaded into some kind of article rewriter.

Not that there's anything inherently off-base or illegal about that.

Yet, so that you know what to expect in advance.

It also makes this an ideal place to search for offers on the off chance that you're already in the IM market.


  1.     Rakuten Advertising

Rakuten Advertising alternative to ClickBank is primarily known for listing physical goods, not like some other affiliate networks that offer a blend of physical as well as digital products.

Rakuten also has an extremely close selection process for its affiliate marketing candidates. 

From the outset, we can say that Rakuten may not be one of your top affiliate programs as a beginner (or even an intermediate) marketer.

Plus, on Rakuten, you want to apply separately for each proposition, even after you manage to get selected as an affiliate with Rakuten.


  1.     Skillshare

Skillshare has been around since 2010, yet they've as of late made waves in the digital product industry.

Some of that may be down to ClickBank not being quite the power it used to be.

You get a scaled-down version of Udemy, although they do seem less determined by profit.

There's even more of a community feel here, backed up by 30,000 online courses.

And those courses cover everything from business analytics and entrepreneurship to how to play guitar.

The enormous contrast between these guys and alternative to ClickBankaffiliate programs is that you pay a single month-to-month charge instead of per product.

  1.     Market Health

Market Health is a long-established affiliate marketing that operates in the health/beauty niche. Among our alternative to ClickBank, it's probably going to offer a vastly different encounter.

While it focuses on a narrow niche, it still has a vast amount of products to advance. Some of these health products are manufactured straight by the same company that manages the network.


  1.     PeerFly

PeerFly is a CPA-focused affiliate marketing network that prides itself on well-curated offers and a strong user platform. 

After you get accepted, you can advance products from many niches including fashion, health, and Web-based business. There are also some B2B offers.

While most offers are CPA, there are many different types of affiliate offers and commission structures on the network. 

You can work on CPS offers or work out a revenue share deal with some advertisers.


  1.     Amazon Associates Program

The other alternative to ClickBank Amazon Associates program is one of the largest affiliate programs in the world. It is run straight by and associated exclusively with products that are listed on Amazon. 

Commissions are paid on sales and the margin is chosen by a scale that rewards various niches with various rates.

There is a gigantic variety of products. You can sell most items that are listed on Amazon. It's also easy to choose various products to advance on the same website.