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Blooket is learning software that incorporates gamification. It includes questions and answers in the form of quizzes, as well as fun skill activities in which students can participate while answering.



Play, login, and insights for teachers.


Within the Blooket games, each student is represented by a 'Blook,' which is a virtual character that appears on the screen. They allow all participants to keep track of individual progress and the progress of those they're competing against. A different animal represents each small block to help make things clear for students. Also, the fun and friendly appearance of the Blooks and the Blooket interface helps students feel more comfortable. It also certainly helps engage them and increases the chances of educators delivering effective learning experiences.


So, just how does Blooket work? Teachers and students can simply create a Blooket account and log in to begin. Once teachers create a question set, they'll receive a code that they can share with all of their students. Students can simply enter the code to join the game by clicking the 'Join a Game' link at the top of the Blooket website. Each student can access Blooket from their own device, providing for individualized learning opportunities.

Cyan Astronaut

The Cyan Astronaut is one of the two rarest Astronaut Blooks you can win and one of the eleven colored astronauts of the Chroma Rarity.


This unique Astronaut has been rewarded to the top 10 finishers of the Pokémon Are Cool Game Event.


The drop rate of this blook is not known, as it is counted as a reward only, not featured in any game mods either. Both Cyan and Lime Astronaut blooks had been released for almost seven months before being included in the PAC game, but they could not be won before the game. 


Tropical Globe

The Tropical Globe is the hardest blook to get from the Blizzard Box, as it has a 0.02% chance of players obtaining it from random box pulling. It is not featured in any of the game modes, but you would need a lot of tokens to buy it, as it does not come as a reward in any event.

This Chroma blook rarity is similar to the Snow Globe blook. The only difference is that Tropical Globe has a coconut tree inside the globe, while Snow Globe has a pine tree instead. You can sell Tropical Glove for 300 tokens. 


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