Capacitance Level Switch Working

The article talks about Capacitance Level Switch Working


The Capacitance Level Switch for liquids and solids can be utilized in mediums such as for example liquids, pastes, syrups, powders, granules, flakes and chips. It's broad application and rugged build causes it to be a very versatile across all industries. Hit on capacitive water level sensor to explore more about our services and sites. Hope you will like our more services.


Principle of Operation


Capacitance switches rely on electrical capacitance theory (the ability of a medium to store electrical energy). When an electrical circuit has two separated conductive plates, the area involving the plates acts as a capacitor and stores the electrical energy. Mediums have differing conductivity and dielectric constants which affects their energy s storage capability. When the switch comes into experience of the medium, it may detect a big change in the environment capacitance and this actuates the switch accordingly.


Materials with high conductivity or high dielectric constants such as for example water generally have high capacitance. The opposite applies for low conductive substances such as for example wax or air. Thus the switch is effective in mediums with reasonably high dielectric constants or conductive solutions.