How to celebrate a happy heavenly birthday?

This can be regarded as a very popular question among a lot of people out there who have lost a dear one and are looking forward to honoring them on their birthday.


So here, we will be discussing in detail about the topic, “happy heavenly birthday”. As we all know, when a loved one passes, their birthdays as well as holidays can bring on new waves of grief into the family. Even if they have passed away recently or years ago, these days can be difficult to manage. But, we should definitely try to maintain a positive attitude during such days. These days are indeed very special and they have the capability of reminding us of what we love and adore about those who are no longer with us physically. Hence, we should definitely try to honor our dear ones on their special days. Here, we will be discussing in detail about some of the ideas that can be used for celebrating these special days.


Plant Something on their happy heavenly birthday

This can be considered as one of the best ideas for celebrating the birthday of your dear one who is no more. This will definitely fill your home with memories of your dear one. You can add some new flowers, or plant a new tree. You can also choose a flowering plant or tree that your close one loved while alive. Hence, every time you see the plant, you will think of your loved one. Thus, this can definitely be regarded as a great idea for everyone.


Make Your Loved One’s Favorite Meal

This can also be regarded as a very popular idea that can be used if you are planning to celebrate your dear one's special day. On this day, you can cook the meals that they enjoyed having while they were alive. As we all know, the physical body leaves this earth after death. But the spiritual energy remains here, and you will definitely feel your lost one's presence on this day.

Do Something Your Loved One Enjoyed Doing

This can also be considered as a great idea for celebrating your dear one's happy heavenly birthday. As we all know, every person has a favorite hobby that they love doing. Your dear one might also have had a favorite hobby while he or she was alive. These include different activities like cooking, gardening, painting, singing, driving, etc. Thus, if you want to honor your dear ones on their special day, then you can try doing the activities that they enjoyed doing while alive. This will give you immense peace and happiness.


Find A Way To Serve

This can also be regarded as a great idea for honoring your lost one on his or her special day. You can donate to a charity that your loved one cared about. You can also share some bouquets of flowers, or make your loved one’s favorite treats. Then, you can share these treats with friends or neighbors. In addition to that, you can also attach a favorite quote or message that meant something to your lost one. As we all know, doing something for others will definitely leave you and your loved one smiling.



Thus, from our discussion of the topic, "happy heavenly birthday", it can be concluded that the birthday of your lost ones can be celebrated in a number of ways. Here, we have discussed in detail some beautiful ideas that can be used for honoring your dear one who is no more. You can go through these options and select the one that works for you.