How to Get an Upgrade on a Lufthansa Flight?

Learn how to upgrade your Lufthansa flight for a more luxurious travel experience. Join their frequent flyer program, upgrade with cash or miles, or just ask!


If you're a frequent flyer or just looking for a little extra luxury on your next flight with Lufthansa, upgrading your ticket to a higher class can be a great way to enhance your travel experience. Here are some tips on how to increase your chances of getting an upgrade on a Lufthansa flight.

1. Join Lufthansa's Frequent Flyer Program

Lufthansa's Miles More program rewards loyal customers with exclusive perks and benefits, including the opportunity to earn and redeem miles for flight upgrades. By joining the program and accumulating miles through your travels or partner purchases, you may be eligible to upgrade your ticket to a higher class.

2. Upgrade with Cash or Miles

If you're not a frequent flyer but still want a Lufthansa seat upgrade, Lufthansa offers the option to pay for an upgrade with either cash or miles. You can check the availability of upgrades on Lufthansa's website or by contacting their customer service directly. Keep in mind that upgrade prices and availability can vary depending on factors such as flight route, class availability, and travel season.

3. Ask for an Upgrade

Sometimes, the simplest way to get an upgrade on a Lufthansa flight is to ask. While there's no guarantee that you'll be upgraded, being polite and friendly to the gate agent or flight attendant and expressing your interest in an upgrade may increase your chances. It's also helpful to mention any special occasions, such as a honeymoon or anniversary, as this can make you a more appealing candidate for an upgrade.


In conclusion, getting an upgrade on a Lufthansa flight requires a little effort and some luck, but it can certainly enhance your travel experience. Whether you join the frequent flyer program, pay for an upgrade with cash or miles, or simply ask for an upgrade at the gate, it's worth exploring your options to increase your chances of flying in style.