ERP system in school management

ERP maintains data on a real-time basis, so duplication of recording data is eliminated, and errors in data due to duplication


ERP full form is Enterprise Resource Management and is a software which integrates all the core processes of business such as finance, accounting, procurement, administration tasks, human resources, distribution etc. 

ERP in School Management

ERP in school management means managing and integrating all the activities in school on a real-time basis. Such activities include administration tasks like budgeting, admission of students, hiring of staff, managing fees, payrolls, allotting ID cards to students and staff, keeping records of attendance, marks, performance in other curricular activities, scheduling lectures, transportation schedules, organizing events in school, procurement, distribution of books, stationery, notes, sports equipment, other school supplies etc.

In addition to administrative tasks, ERP in school management also manages and integrates non-administration tasks on a real-time basis. Such tasks include teaching online and providing homework to students online.

Data security

The ERP system in school administration provides data security as entire data is in encrypted form. Data is stored in the cloud so it cannot be destroyed by floods, fire etc. Since data is password-protected, risks of theft, manipulation and misusing data are reduced. ERP is a simple user interface as it is user-friendly. By applying ERP in schools, students can become friendly with information technology at an early age. 

Centralized database

ERP maintains data of each student profile-wise, so entire data relating to a particular student is maintained and updated in his profile like personal information, attendance, academic performance, participation and performance in other activities like sports, school camps, and other events conducted by the school, behavior of the student, remarks given by teachers etc., which can be accessed by parents, student and school. Students can fill forms online, pay fees online, can download certificates like character certificate, any other certificate, they can print their I-cards, homework sheets, library cards using ERP system. Schools can also maintain the records related to books issued to students, and the number of days allowed to keep such books. Students, parents etc. can have access to Photo galleries of events, magazines of school through ERP. It also provides reminders to students, teachers, and parents about important events in advance like birthdays, sports events, debate competitions, group discussions, exams schedule, parents-teacher meetings, award distribution, trips, project submission, exam form submission, field trips, various other events etc.

Other benefits 

In addition to the above, ERP also maintains stock records, for e.g., if stock of particular stationery reaches a reordering level, it automatically sends information to vendors and places the order for such books according to permissions granted in ERP software. 

ERP maintains data on a real-time basis, so duplication of recording data is eliminated, and errors in data due to duplication are also reduced. ERP System in school makes the education system paperless.

ERP system in school management is really very helpful when in-person classes are not possible, as it helps students, teachers to continue with the classes while sitting in their homes.

ERP contains separate modules for each kind of activity. ERP software can be customized according to the requirements of a particular school. In short, ERP reduces the workload, duplication of records, errors due to duplication, effective communication among teachers, students, and school administration.