Does American Airlines give you a free checked bag?

Now Get a quick solution regarding American Airlines Baggage Allowance to book your ticket today and grab the best deals on flights.


Undoubtedly, American Airlines allows free checked baggage. So you don’t have to be worried about that. But you need to know about the terms of American Airlines Baggage Allowance for free baggage. 

After all, there is a limitation for the checked baggage on American Flights. So, it would be great if you followed the baggage policy so that it would be easier for you to seek free checked bags. Moreover, you can even avoid the Baggage fees once you overview the baggage policy on American Airlines.

American Baggage Allowance Policy-Ease to Configure the Limitation on Bags

If you are booking the flights for the first time, you must follow the terms while packing your bags to travel to your destination via American Airlines Flights.

  • As per the American Baggage policy, anyone who belongs to the domestic first class, Business class, Main Cabin, and premium economy class is liable for the two free checked baggage.
  • The Flyers who have reservations on the Flagship first class flight are eligible for three free checked baggage.
  • American Airlines Allows customers two carry one personal item and one carry-on bag without any charges. 
  • The customers must pay for special items like Sports equipment, Assistive devices for customers with disabilities, and many others.
  • Customers must ensure that their Checked bags are not exceeding the restricted weight and size, i.e., 62 in / 158 cm 50 lbs / 23 kgs.
  • Customers must pay the baggage fees if they exceed the limit.
  • American Airlines does not charge for three checked baggage if someone has an elite status flight.

How Much Does the Checked Baggage Cost on American Airlines Flights?

Here’s the list of the baggage fees as per the route and fare type.

Region  1 Add.Bag 2 Add.Bag    3 Add.Bag  4 Add. Bag
Domestic30$       40$    150$200$
Mexico, 30$       40$    200$200$
Central America,30$       40$/60$    200$200$
Guyana Suriname30$     40$    200$200$
Caribbean, 30$     40$    200$200$
Cuba,     30$    200$200$200$
Haiti,30$       65$   200$200$
Transatlantic0/75$   100 $200$200$
South America0/45$   65$    200$200$


How Can I Get a Free Checked Baggage on American Airlines Travel?

Being conscious about hygiene and comfort while traveling, are you planning to carry all the finest requirements unfit to the Restricted checked Baggage on American? Then, it would be better for you to buy the elite status air ticket on American Airlines like Gold, Platinum Pro, Platinum, and Executive Platinum. 

With this, as per the American Baggage policy, you can have one complimentary bag with the two restricted checked baggage. You can carry three checked baggage for free on American Airlines Flights.

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