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It's time to burn your to-do list. ("All In My Head" by Viktor Hallman) What's up, Socials? Welcome back to AmyTV. Time is our most precious asset. You can't get more of it and everyone on the planet has the same amount of it. It's kinda crazy to think of it that way. What you decide to do with your time is completely up to you. It may not seem like that, but it's true. Probably one of the reasons that you're watching this video right now is you're not making the most out of the time that you have. You know it and you're kinda beating yourself up about it and you want to learn what it actually means to do something about it. You wish you were accomplishing more and the really great news about this is you have all the time that you need if you want to accomplish more.

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Today I wanna share with you the time management tips that have completely changed my life, allowed me to get a lot more done in shorter amount of time or at least get as focused as possible in the time that I am allotted in order to accomplish more and I'm actually gonna call on my friend Chris Ducker to chime in on this as well. Before we dive in I just wanna double check, are you subscribed to this channel? Are you? You know if you subscribe and you turn on notifications I am telling you, I promise, and you can ask any Social that's been around for awhile, I will make it well worth your time starting right now. So you wanna get more done. People are not magical. They are not born productive. None of us are really born productive. It's a culture and that instant change cannot happen until you make that big first step that's critical to this process and that is your mindset shift. What does that mean? That's like super buzzy. People are talking about that mindset shift all the time. What does that actually mean? Well, first you kind of need to look at how you ask questions right now. If you're asking questions like, "Why should I wake up early? "Why do I need to use a calendar? "What's the importance of planning ahead?" You're probably not in the space right now to get more productive because you're holding yourself up with the mindset that you currently have as to what the point of that would be anyway.

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The people that have made that mindset shift are less likely to ask, "Should I wake up "early in the morning?" And are more likely to ask, "How much time do I have "in the morning before my first appointment "to myself that I can get things done?" Or maybe they're asking, "When should I schedule my workouts this week?" Or how about "What can I do in this 30 minute "pocket of time between dropping the kids off "and going to the next thing?" When you're questioning why you would go ahead of the curve, why you would plan ahead, why all of those things are important you're not as likely to be able to make that instant change because you don't see the value in time the way somebody who understands what it means to be productive, not for the sake of saying the word is, but because of how much they're able to get done and they see every moment in time as a very valuable asset, as a vehicle to move forward. So you'll really know when you've had this mindset shift when you start to reframe your questions, when you start to notice yourself moving in that direction.